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“You can't buy love, but you can rescue it"

When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base.
All dogs have an adoption fee of £175 payable after a trial period 
To express an interest in any of our dogs please complete the enquiry form found under the fostering/adopting tab or if you previously had a home check by us email with an address and contact number . 
Please note we do not place our dogs in homes where there are un-neutered male dogs. 

Map of the approximate area we cover.


Dixon is a 4 year old male cavalier. He has recently been neutered and is fully vet checked with no health issues. He is good with other dogs and good with children, but not tested with cats. He is an energetic boy who loves his walks. He knows his basic commands and is mainly house trained but he sometimes has the odd accident still. He doesn't much like to be left home alone so needs a home where he wont be left for more than 2 or 3 hours. He can be fussy about his food (foster thinks he has previously been very spoilt) He was unsettled initially in foster but now happily sleeps downstairs at night with the fosters other dog. We feel he would be happiest with another dog for company. He loves people and is good around children. He is a special boy who is looking for a special home where he will get lots of walks, playing and attention. Please note he wont be rehomed as an only dog or where he will be left for long hours or not get lots of long walks and input.

If you have had a homecheck already please contact us by emailing If you haven’t yet been homechecked please fill out the form from the website so we can organise that for you. When doing so please read all the information about us including our rehoming area. 


Welcome to Pendle Dogs little Chrissy who was found straying and left unclaimed after time in the dog pound.

Chrissy is a teeny tiny staff type girl who we think is about 2 years old. She is a very sweet natured girl who is not coping well in kennels at all and we need to get her out asap!

We are looking for a foster home with children over 10 and no cats ( we never place unassessed dogs in homes with either). Chrissy does seem dog friendly but would be better in foster where she is the only dog.  Chrissy will need a foster home where she doesn't get left alone until she has a chance to settle in, she's in need of lots of TLC at the moment.

Could you help Chrissy? 


I’m Jasper,

I’m looking for a very special home. I thought I’d ask you myself as I’ve had a bad time lately and really need a home to call my very own.

I was sold as a pedigree Beagle, I’m quite obviously not. My foster Mum and PDiN think I’m more Harrier Hound or Fox Hound Terrier. I'm larger than a proper Beagle

As a working breed I’m going to need a home that will be committed to training and it would be useful to have some experience of working dogs. I’m a high energy boy and need to use my brain to stop me becoming bored. My foster home has been devising ways of doing this and I’m a lot calmer than when I arrived. They think I’d be good at agility too.

I definitely can’t be rehomed with young children as I’m a strong boisterous boy. I get very excited so I’ll need older teenagers and active adults.

I love food which makes me an ideal candidate for reward training. I’ve had a lot of training in a previous home and can be really good. I just forget myself occasionally. I’m reasonable on a lead but still need work. Non aggressive with other dogs but get silly when I meet a new one. I calm down quickly with a treat. My foster home is raw feeding me and it seems to be helping my behaviour. I will steal and counter surf so an extra pair of eyes will be needed.

To offer Jasper a forever home please FULLY read the information on our website and fill the online form in to book a home check. If you are already home checked please email your interest to

Available Now

Rhea is the last puppy remaining from her litter, all her brothers have found their forever homes. She is now 10 weeks old. She is a cross breed (we aren't sure exactly what, some sharpie and some lurcher but unsure about what else) and is going to make a large sized dog. She is a very loving girl who likes cuddles with her people. She is looking for a home where she doesn't get left for more than a couple of hours and where she has another older dog for company. She would prefer a home where the children are older than 6. If you think you can offer her the perfect home she deserves then please get in touch.


Ella is a really sweet, friendly 4/5 year old ex breeding girl. She is very happy and loves to be with people. She is good with children. She is living with 3 dogs in foster with no problems and is fine when meeting new dogs or and about. She isn't cat tested but will bark and chase the fosters chickens and wild birds out on walks so its probably a no for cats.. She is learning her name and will come back to it, she is also learning sit on command. Her new home will need the patience to continue gentle training in basic commands. She loves her food. Really loves it. She will steal and beg so needs an eye keeping on her, she does settle but will need reminding.
She is getting there with the housetraining, but accidents do still occasionally happen. She's been sleeping in a crate with another cav at nights and sleeps quietly till morning.
She loves a walk almost as much as food.
She is just a very happy, friendly little girl who is no trouble at all. Will fit well in most homes but will need another dog for company, a small one if possible. She also wont be suitable for a home where she is left all day but is fine for 3 or 4 hours.
She has been checked over by the vet who is very happy with her and has been vaccinated but not yet neute, but will be in her new home when its the right time for her.
PLEASE fully read her criteria. She will not be placed with cats, she will not be placed where she is an only dog, she will not be placed where she will be left all day.

If you have had a homecheck already please contact us by emailing If you haven’t yet been homechecked please fill out the form from the website so we can organise that for you. When doing so please read all the information about us including our rehoming area. 


Costa came to us before Xmas along with her puppies. She is a fantastic loving, playful and gentle girl. She loves children of all ages. Shevis great with other dogs. She can be nervous when meeting new men but soon comes round. She enjoys walkies and loves playing with her ball. She is clean and well behaved in the house and is happy to curl up and sleep in her crate overnight. She loves her people and cuddles. She doesn’t much like to be left home alone and does sometimes bark to let you know that. She is looking for a home where she gets lots of love and time and attention. If you think she could be the perfect companion for you and your family then please get in touch.


Blake is a young neutered male Staff, who we helped when he was left in the dog pound unclaimed.

Blake is a lovely natured boy who adores everyone he meets, he is a stunning boy and a fantastic example of this wonderful breed.

Blake is fine with other dogs but could be a little full on for quieter dogs, he does lack some manners but connects and listens well once you get his attention (treats) Blake is typical of so many young dogs we help, no one has actually put any time of work into him, he just doesn't know how he is expected to act.

We are looking for a foster or forever home that can work alongside us to help him gain some manners, to show him the calm way to behave. This boy will flourish in the correct hands, he has such a lovely nature and really does want to please his people.

No children under 12 for Blake.
No please don't ask.
Would be fine with a dog who likes to play.
Needs someone around most of the time.
You must not take offence to staffy kisses-they are non negotiable😂


Bolt is well known to us....and a lot of other people he's met on the many travels he used to take.

Bolt is a working type Patterdale and needs a home that can keep him safe and out of mischief, a home that understands the drive these dogs have and their amazing ability to escape from anywhere!

Bolt is a lovely lad with bags of character, he is fine with other dogs, clean and non destructive in the house and happy to use a crate.

We are looking for a child and cat free foster home that has terrier experience, he will not be placed anywhere we feel he may get the upper paw in, this boy will be a breeze in the right sort of home but a horror in the wrong one.

Have you got the experience and sort of home this boy needs?


The lovely Mylo is an 11 month old bull lurcher boy. Another fine example of this fantastic breed. He loves other dogs and would really like doggy company in his new home. He is good with children of all ages. He is tested as fine around cats. He is good in the house and out and about, very bright and knows a lot of commands. He wouldn’t much like to be left home alone all day butviscok for 3 or 4 hours.
If you can offer this handsome chap his forever home please read his criteria carefully and if you are a match apply for a homecheck by using the form on our website 


The very handsome Max is looking for his forever home now. He is a 10 week old Bull Lurcher and one of the Autumn litter who came to us later than his siblings. He is currently in foster with a one year old and five year old and is great with children of all ages. However his new family need to be aware he is a big bouncy pup and is going to grow into a big bouncy dog. He loves other dogs and won’t be rehomed as an only dog because of this. He hasn’t encountered cats in his home but should be fine around a dog savvy one. He can be left 3 or 4 hours but wouldn’t like to be home alone all day so a working home would need provision in place. He is looking for a family with the time to give him the exercise and attention he needs. If you can offer him the perfect home please get in touch.