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“You can't buy love, but you can rescue it"

When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base.
All dogs have an adoption fee of £175 payable after a trial period 
To express an interest in any of our dogs please complete the enquiry form found under the fostering/adopting tab or if you previously had a home check by us email [email protected] with an address and contact number . 
Please note we do not place our dogs in homes where there are un-neutered male dogs. 

Map of the approximate area we cover.


This poor little lad is on his 2nd time on death row, unfortunately the last pound he was in at Sheffield didn't ensure he went to a reputable trusted rescue who would have given him a secure future. 

Romeo has had enough of the unsettled sort of life he has led so far, he's fed up of being passed around and being dumped unwanted on the streets, he needs security, he needs commitment! Romeo is a lovely lad who has so much love to give, he just wants to be close to someone and he needs someone to love him back! 

We have promised him we will now find him a happy loved filled life where he won't get let down again. We are looking for a foster home where he won't get left alone for long, where there are no other dogs or cats (until fully assessed) where there are no children under 10 and with someone who can understand his fear of being left alone and work alongside us to turn this little ones life around.

Could you help Romeo?
Please fully read the information on our website and fill the form in to arrange a home check. If you have been checked and passed please email us direct at [email protected]

Under Assessment

Mishka is a 14 month old Shih x girl. She is speyed. She won't be homed with children under the age of 10. She is currently in a foster home under assessment and will be updated once the assessment is complete and she is available for adoption.


Gilbert is a 4/5 year old recently neutered male lurcher. Gilbert was dumped and found himself in the stray pound. Despite this he is a delightful boy who will make some lucky person a fantastic companion. Gilbert like a cuddle, a snooze on the sofa and a sunbathe. He is fine to leave for Two or three hours but wouldn't like to be left all day. He sleeps in his bed in the kitchen. He is happy to live with other dogs but would be fine s an only dog as well. He can't live with cats or other small furries. He likes children but is a bit bouncy for very little ones so 5 + would be a minimum. He is a dream on his lead but will have a little pull if he sees a cat or other creature. He is very responsive to voice but typical of the breed will steal food given any opportunity. 


Lady Gaga is a 7 year old female Yorkshire terrier. She is an active girl who loves her walks and is looking for an energetic home. She adores children and has previous lived with very young ones and her ideal home would have resident or visiting little people. She is fine with other dogs but could happily be an only dog. She shows no reactions to cats. Lady Gaga needs a home where she gets lots of love and attention and she isn't left alone for long hours.


Jimmy is a 4 year old male patterdale. He came to PDIN as a pup but has sadly found himself back with us. He is a typical bouncy and busy boy who needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He has proved to be a loving boy, clean and well behaved in the house and fine to be left a few hours with no problems. He can be very vocal at times (typical patterdale). He loves his walks and has been fine walking around other dogs, occasionally gets excitable but nothing much. He would ideally like to be an only dog but could live with another dog with careful introductions. Jimmy isn't keen on cats and won't be rehomed with children under 10. If you think you can offer this lovely lad the perfect home please get in touch. 

Available Now

Sally is a lively 10 year old Jack Russell, she's only a tiny girl but comes complete with lots of character.
Sally came to us from the stray dog pounds in a very emaciated state she had not been looked after for a very long time. Sally would be fine with children over 8 she's a little worried around very young ones, no cats or small furries, Sally has prey drive and would chase. She could live with another dog but would be better with a male (she can be a bossy little Princess at times).
Does Sally sound like the dog for you? Please fully read the information on our website about how we work then get in touch.


Well just look at that face, wouldn’t you like to give him big cuddles.
This big bear fur ball is Ozzie a 4 year old long haired GSD.

Ozzie loves his long walks and is great on the lead, he knows his basic commands and is clean in the house. He wouldn’t suit a home where he would be left long hours (meaning he can't being left all day with just a dog walk at dinner time to break it up) .
Ozzie has lived with a cat but in his foster home he does chase them, so a home without cats would be best for him.
Ozzie is fine with other dogs.
Due to his big, clumbersome nature a home with children over 10 years old would be best for him.
Ozzie is going to the vets tomorrow to get a couple of things removed and will be ready for meeting his new home once recovered.

If you feel you can offer Ozzie the perfect home then please contact us

Under Assessment

Dolly is an 8 year old jrt girl. So far proving to be good with cats and children.  She is currently in a foster home under assessment and will be updated once the assessment is complete and she is available for adoption.


Brian is currently in our local dog pound. He is a 

lovely affectionate staff about 2-3 years old, he knows his basic command, is spotlessly clean in his kennel. As we often find with this wonderful breed Brian is not coping well with the isolation of kennel life he's missing human company so much bless him.

We are looking for a dog/cat and young child free foster home for him where he won't get left alone for long periods of time, Brian is testing as ok with dogs but we need to get to know him a little better before we can place him in a home with one.


Patsy is another cracking girl who keeps getting overlooked and has waited far too long for her forever home. She is a young neutered cross breed. She is described as being perfect in the house, clean, non destructive and fine to be left a few hours. Her foster home have worked hard with her and she is doing brilliantly on her lead and loves a good run and play in the garden or on her long lead. She loves people and is an affectionate girl with humans young and old. Due to her bouncy nature she would be best placed with children 8+. She would prefer to be an only dog and not share her humans and cant live with cats. Her one fault is she can be quite vocal when she meets other dogs out and about (typical terrier type!). However this is currently being worked on with her foster and a dog trainer and is improving all the time. She isn't a perfect dog (is there even such a thing??) but if you think she could be your perfect dog and you are willing to spend time getting to know her and working with her then please get in touch.

Under Assessment

Paddy is a 4 year old Staff x Lab male who came to us from the dog pound. He is a lovely boy who needs a lot of love and affection. He is currently in one of our foster homes for assessment and more details will be added as we have them.


Minnie is a four year old terrier cross (yorkie x cairn). She is a delightful girl who is looking for her forever home now. Minnie loves her cuddles but is also an energetic little lady who loves her walkies. She is well behaved in and out of the house. She has lived with cats and other small furries. Minnie absolutely loves children and will only be placed in a home where children live or visit regularly. She doesn't like to be left for long and so can't be placed where she will be left for more than a couple of hours. She will not be rehomed as an only dog, another dog for company is a must for her. If you can offer Minnie everything she needs and you think she is your perfect dog please contact us via inbox or email to [email protected]  Priority will be given to homes on our waiting list who meet her criteria


This handsome little man is Milo.

Milo is a 6 year old neutered male Chihuahua who is looking for a home with lots of company and walks, Milo is fine with other dogs and cats but can not be homed with very young children.
Milo is a lovely affectionate little boy, who is clean in the house, he can be left for a few hours but wouldnt enjoy a home where he was left alone every day. He would make an ideal companion for an older person or couple but would be equally happy in a family home.

Charlie(was Chico)

Charlie has lost all his excess weight and is now ready for his forever home. He is a neutered male Chihuahua who will be 4 in July. He can be a little nervous around people and dogs he doesn't know and needs to be given time to get used to both. Once he gets to know you though he can be playful and loving. He loves to be stroked and does enjoy cuddles when he chooses to. He isnt keen on being picked up and has been known to have a little grumble but there is nothing in it. He is looking for a home where he is the only dog or with a quiet dog. He can't be homed with young children but is fine with cats. He loves his walkies and is good on and off the lead. he is good in the house and is fine to be left a few hours. If you think you can offer him a perfect home please get in touch.