Pendle Dogs in Need

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Jack had a rough time when he was first handed over to the rescue, as he had a bad ear infection that had been left untreated and was obviously causing him a lot of pain. With a bit of love and some time to recover, Jack was a different dog completely! He soon secured a fantastic loving home for life with Tina and Steven (and their dog Zara).


After only a short time with the rescue, Mia was soon snatched up by Edmund and his wife Sylvia, who just couldn't resist her and fell in love with her straight away. She is now living the life of a pampered princess, enjoying her holidays on their canal boat! 


Sandy was a pound dog. She had been at Aspen for 5 months due to her owners health problems. She is a welsh collie around 9 years old. She is a lovely quiet girl who likes to sleep a lot but does enjoy a walk. She is fantastic with children and good with other dogs but does prefer quiet dogs like her. She was first fostered by Mick and Emma, and is now settling well in her new home .with Tracy and her lovely family.



Merlin is a 15 year old terrier cross. He was brought to our attention by Beryl at Pendle Dog Rescue. His owner worked away and had been leaving him for a few days at a time. He had agreed to let Beryl help him find a good home for him so he could live out the rest of his life comfortably. He was fostered by the lovely Keeley and her family and will stay with them now, sleeping in his comfy bed and being pampered. No wonder he is smiling!



Sophie was found wandering the streets of Colne, as her owners didn't want her any more. She was adopted by Jeanne, securing a loving home for life. Unfortunately, the vets later discovered that Sophie was very ill, and had been for a long time. Her time with Jeanne may have only been short, but we know she was loved and cared for tremendously. We are so grateful that she got to experience real love and happiness, and send our condolences to Jeanne and her family. RIP Sophie, you will be missed. 


Meet Wensley a 4yr old Beddlington Whippet who was very scared and unsure of things when he came to PDIN due to suffering abuse, Wensley is neutered and vaccinated and was looking for a special home to show him that he doesn't have to be afraid any more and he's safe and loved. Jeanne fostered him for us and fell in love with this boy so he will now stay with her forever lucky dog!


Tess was originally found wandering in Padiham. A lot of attempts were made to find her owner but after having no luck she was taken to Aspen. We believe her owner was traced but no longer wanted her so she came to us from the pound. She was fostered by Julie and Ron and their lovely JRT Dotty and settled in there from the start. She has now been adopted, and has secured a loving home for life!


Jaspers owner had not been looking after him too well, he had been living outside and not always fed so was a bit of a mess and very thin when he came to PDIN. After a good groom by Bethany and a lot of tlc from Sam and Kelly he was soon looking and feeling a lot better. He now has his forever home with Sams sister Linzi and is a happy pampered boy who will never be hungry again.


These two little beauties were collected from the pound. They had been taken there by a lady who had found them wandering so very little was known about them. They are thought to be related and around 8/9 yrs old. When they arrived they were coughing and a visit to the vet revealed they had kennel cough which is currently being treated. They are tiny little things, quiet and lovable and they seem to like cuddles and their home comforts. They are brilliant with children and fine with other dogs and pets. Sharon cared for them until they were back on their feet! They now live with Sharons daughter Alix so will be appearing as VIP guests at all PDIN events.



Frank was in the pound and due to be pts when PDIN stepped in and saved him. He went into foster with Claire, Martin and Jenny. He very quickly got his paws under the table and they fell for his charms and adopted him. He now lives a pampered life with lots of long walks and a comfy bed to sleep on and is a regular vistor to horse shows, lucky boy!


Charlie came to PDIN due to his owners ill health. He is a lovely boy, westie x spaniel an unusual combination. There was a lot of interest but he is now settled in his new home.


Wilma, a young whippet girl, came to PDIN from the pound, she was very thin and needed a bit of tlc. Her fosterer Bev prvided that and is yet another in a long list of failed fosters as she has now adopted Wilma and made her a treasured member of her lovely family.


Incas owners were emigrating,  they didnt want to put her through the trauma of moving so they asked us to help find Inca a good home. She had a couple of trials that didnt work out then she met Justin. It was love at first sight for both of them and Inca is settled happily into her new forever home.



Basil came to us as his owners were struggling to find the time he needed. In his foster home we found he needed a lot of exercise and attention and was not good with cats. He is now on a trial with a lovely family who know what he needs to keep him happy and it looks like he is going to stay there forever.



Junies owners were struggling with her so she came tp PDIN. After spending time in foster with Zaza she was learning how to behave on her lead etc. After several meetings to get to know her she went on a trial with Stacy and has found her forever home there.



This lovely rottie boy came to us as his owner was moving to a small flat. He needed to learn a few manners on the lead and in his foster home with Mark and Sara he did this. After being with them for several weeks they decided he was part of the family and have now given him a forever home, lucky boy!



Bobby came from the stray pound and went into foster with Pamela. He is a typical terrier who likes his walks and has plenty of energy. He very quickly settled in and now him and Pamela are inseperable so lucky for him she has now adopted him and he has a home for life.



The lovely Minnie came to PDIN due to her owners ill health. She was fostered by Mandy and quickly became  part of the family and found her forever home there.



Butch had been in kennels for 10 long months due to his owner being ill when we were asked to help him. He found it hard to settle into a home and had a couple of false starts and spent a long time in kennels again before finding his forever home with Cathy.






Poppy is a lovely young cocker x poodle. She came to PDIN due her owners ill health. She went to one of our regular fosters Kelly for assessment and never left as Kellys daughter fell in love and so she is now part of their family, another failed foster!




Patsy and Penny were left in a cardboard box on a back street in the baking heat! They were skinny and dehydrated but soon recovered under the care of PDIN. Karin bravely agreed to adopt them both and they have a wonderful forever home with her, her daughter and granddaughter.







Cody came to PDIN from the local stray pound. He went into foster with Mick and proved to be a fantastic young boy. He then went on to find his forever home with Tina and her family.









CASSIE (was Sassy)

Cassie is a 4 year old lhaso x yorkie girl. She is a real loveable character who likes lots of attention and home comforts. She was looking for a quiet house  with someone to give her lots of love and attention. She found exactly that with Maureen and she is a much loved and pampered member of her family.



Max is a lovely Labrador boy who came to us as his owners weren't coping. He spent a short while in foster with Micheal and Lee but was soon spotted by Maggie and Hassan. He was just what they were looking for in a dog and he now has a lovely life with them, getting lots of walks and cuddles and playing in the fields with their horse. Another lucky PDIN boy.
Bowser came to PDIN from another rescue after being in their emergency boarding kennels for 7 months! He now has a lovely forever home with Dave.

Bruno was picked up by the dog warden who discovered his owner had to go into a home, He was fostered by Sara and Mark and loved his time with them and Samson their PDIN rottie. Then Jackie and her family met him and gave him his happy forebver home.

Lily is another girl from the stray pound. She spent a long time in foster with Wayne before Julie and her family spotted her and fell for her charms and gave her a home in their house. Now she is a happy PDIN dog.
The lovely Mitzi (now Macy) came to us when her owners were struggling to cope with her energetic behaviour. She went into foster with Wendy and her family and never left as they fell for her and offered her a forever home.
Brooke was living on a farm and not getting on with some of the other dogs who were attacking her so her owner asked for help. She went straight into a forever home with Janet, Noel and their other Collie Murphy and now lives the life of a pampered pooch.
Bob is a lovely poodle boy who came from the pound in Fleetwood after being found roaming the streets. He spent a long time with his foster mummy Lynda before going to his lovely forever home with the Nutter family who even bought him an adoption cake to celebrate and welcome him to the family.
This lively little girl now known as Ruby came from the pound and proved to be a lively little handful. This didn't stop Ralph and Sandra and their family from falling for her charms and she now has a lovely forever home with them.
This young boy was found tied to railings and taken to the local stray pound. No one came forward to claim him so he came to our rescue. He went into foster with Jude and is another of our failed fosters who never left. Ash is now a much loved member of her family.
Barney is another of our failed foster stories. he was fostered by Beverly and her family but when the time came to find a new home they couldn't bear to see him go and gave him a lovely forever home.
The handsome Alfie spent a very short time in foster before going to live with aron and finding his forever home.
Treacle was a poundie who was taken in by another rescue. He spent a further 10 weeks in kennels then we were asked to help. He went into foster with Julie for a short time and now has his forever home with the lovely Wohlrap family.


Tilly and Tommy are collie x lab pups, their owner was getting rid of them at 5 weeks old. They came to us and stayed with Sharon, where they soon built up their strength. They have both gone to fantastic forever homes where we know they will be loved and spoilt, congratulations Catherine and Deborah!



April came from the pound. She was very scared and needed a lot of TLC. After spending some time at Paulas she was taken in by Margaret who is showing her that people can be trusted and she is doing brilliantly well.



Teddy is a lovely little patterdale boy who was not getting on with his owners so they asked us to help. He went into foster with Kieron and Caron, After a trial where the other dogs in the house didnt like him they decided he was meant to stay with them and he he now has his forever home and will continue to make appearences at all PDIN events.



Max is a young GSD who was found tied to railings. He went into a foster home with Sarah and her lovely husky Lola. He very quickly settled in and he has found his fantastic forever home there.



Lottie is an elderly terrier who came from the pound. She had a few health issues that are now all sorted out and she will stay with her lovely fosterer for the rest of her life now, lucky girl!



Hollie is a lovely lurcher girl who came to PDIN as her owner was struggling to give her the attention and exercise she needed. She spent a while in foster with Julie and Drew and then found her forever home in Nelson with Barbara. She is a bit of a character and likes to pinch Barbaras tea but she loves her just the same.



Lexi is a staffy girl who had been in emergency boarding with another rescue for many months. When she met her new family it was love at first sight and they didn't take long to decide they wanted to give her a lovely forever home.



Spike is a young JRT boy who came to PDIN as his owner was working long hours and unable to walk him. He was just what Nicola and Tony were looking for and he quickly settled into their family and is best friends with their little boy Ben.









Rosie was picked up as a stray and we rescued her from the pound. She is partially sighted and has some problems with her back legs and other minor birth defects. The vets didn't hold out much hope but she is proving them all wrong and is no different to any other young JRT, full of bounce and mischief. When Maisie met her it was love at first sight for both of them so she will now live at Sharons house forever.

Meet Molly,  she came to us in an awfully weak state she hadn't coped with her time as a stray followed by a week in the pound and hadn't eaten or drunk in days. The vets couldn't find any medical reason for the weak and shut down condition she was in and prescribed plenty of tlc...Molly went downhill and could barely stand on Saturday so we got the vet out who yet again couldn't find any reason for this apart from her being emotionally shut down. One of the team started syringing hydration fluid into her mouth every hour and spent the night cuddling her on the settee and at 3am Sunday morning this little lady decided to give life another go and ate some chicken :-) since then she went from strength to strength and found a lovely forever home with Leanne and her two boys. She then suffered a set- back when it was discovered she needed an emergency operation, however she has recovered well from it and we have to send thanks to Hillendale Landrovers, in particular Lee, who kindly funded her treatment.








Micky is a lovely boy who came to PDIN from the local stray pound. After being fostered for a couple of weeks he was quickly snapped up by Greta and her family and took no time at all getting his paws under their table, He is now a much loved member of their family.


Betty was a very poorly girl when she first came to us. Her recovery started with Bethany and she later moved into foster with Kieron and Caron. She made herself right at home there with Skye and their other PDIN dog Teddy. They realised they weren't cut out for fostering as they fell in love with all the dogs so Betty now has her forever home with them and she is a happy, lucky girl.



Meet Snoopy. He is a lively young cocker boy who's owner was struggling with and so he was spending a lot of his day in a crate. He now lives with Ella and Zac and has a very busy life going for walks and runs and playing in the woods. What a lucky much loved boy he is.

Lovely little Eddie came to us from the stray pound. He quickly proved to be a lively and clever PDIN boy. After a time in foster with Judith he has found his forever home with Faye and her family.

Charlie is an oldie who was rescued from the local pound hours before he was due to be pts. He now has a very comfortable life with every luxury a dog could want provided by his lovely owner Lisa.
Rio came to us from Homeless Hounds rescue after spending several months in their emergency boarding kennels. He was fostered by Mick and then found his forever home with Louise and now spends a lot of time helping her with her horses.
Rhys (now Milo) is another pound boy and another failed foster. This lively little boy went to stay with Karen and her son Shaun for a while and ended up charming them and staying there forever, lucky boy.

Ruby is the little poundie girl who touched everyones hearts when we nearly lost her to the horrible parvovirus. The whole tean rallied round and this little fighter wasn't ready to give up and fought back to full recovery. Sara who was fostering her at the time couldn't let her go after that and offered her a loving forever home lucky girl!

The lovely Lucy, now known as Dotty was another girl rescued from the local pound. After spending a short time in foster she soon found her forever home with Marie where she is very settled and well loved.
Lady came to the rescue when her owners were not coping with her. She was a quiet and shy girl who went into foster with Lorraine and never left.
Henry with his unusual eyes is another poundie. he spent a long time in foster with Judith before finding his forever home with Carol and her family.
Bree was roaming the Trawden countryside for weeks when one of our volunteers managed to catch her using some smelly cheese. This lovely girl wa soon snapped up and now has a lovely home with Barbara.
Max came to us as his owners were struggling with him. After spending time in foster with Sara and Mark he found his fantastic forever home out on the farm with Chris and Lynne.