Pendle Dogs in Need

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When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Skipton in one direction and Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base. All dogs have an adoption fee of £150 payable after a trial period. To express an interest in any of our dogs please email with an address and contact number. 

We precheck all homes so if you have not yet had a home check and are seriously looking for a dog please fill in our enquiry form or email with your address and contact details and we will get in touch with you.

Please remember we do not rehome dogs out of our area Burnley/Pendle/Blackburn/Clitheroe/Skipton.

Charlie and Alfie

Charlie and Alfie are a bonded pair of Cocker Spaniel boys who must be rehomed together. Both boys are 4 years old and are neutered. They are lovely boys who are looking for a kind and patient home to give them the love they deserve. They are good with other dogs and good with children but cannot be rehomed with cats. Both boys would benefit from a home that can give a bit of training input, they do like to raid the bin for treasure and are a bit strong on the lead but this is being worked on. Other than that they are delightful boys who are clean in the house, love cuddles and love to play with toys.

Alvin - Adopted

Alvin is a 15 week old staff x lurcher pup. He is one of a litter we rescued he had found his forever home but sadly due to his owner developing health issues he is back with us. he is a delightful boy who is very loving and affectionate. He is great with other dogs, absolutely loves children and is currently living with cats. He loves to go out on walks, but typical of the lurcher breed also spends a lot of time snoozing on the sofa. He has started his basic training and is proving to be a clever and quick learner but his house training can still be hit and miss and being a typical pup he does sometimes chew things. He is looking for a very special home where he gets loads of love and attention. He will need another dog for company, preferably and young and playful dog like him. He will not be rehomed as an only dog or in a home where he is left for more than 3 or 4 hours.

Toby - Reserved

Toby is a young neutered male cav cross . He hasn't had the best start in life and is looking for a kind and patient, dog savvy home where he gets lots of attention. He is great in the house and good on his lead. He gets on fine with other dogs but does like to chase cats so could only live with very savvy ones. He isn't too keen on small children and gets very nervous round them do older kids 12 + only for him. He would make an ideal companion for an older person or a couple. 

Zeus - Reserved

Zeus is an 8 month old neutered male GSD. He knows his basic commands and is a very fast learner and learning new things all the time. He does pull slightly on the lead, but his foster home are working on that, he needs plenty of exercise. He needs a resident dog for company and will not be rehomed as an only dog. He is only a pup and is mischievous with it and easily get bored. He needs lots of attention and needs a home where he won't be left for long periods. He has a fantastic temperament, very affectionate and gentle. He is fine with children and scared of the resident cat. He is going to make someone a lovely loyal dog.

Sophie - Reserved

Sophie is now out of kennels and in a short term foster home but she is looking for a loving forever foster home to settle in.
Sophie needs her forever home.
Sophie is a 10yr old crossbreed, adorable, gentle natured girl who has now been in rescue for months and is desperate for a home to call her own. Sophie is a independent girl who doesnt like too much fuss, she's no trouble at all, walks nice on a lead, spotlessly clean, loves her treats.....This lovely girl would adore a one to one home and would be fabulous company for a older lonely person, Sophie does form close bonds with people once she gets to know them. Sophie cannot be rehomed with cats or small children. She loves to be outside and lay in the sun. Can anyone offer this lovely girl a space to snooze in


Moses is a 5 yr old neutered cross breed only a tiny boy. Moses is looking for a home with a knee readily available for him to snuggle up on, he is fine with other dogs but would prefer to be the king of his castle so needs a home where he is the only dog. Moses will not be placed in a home with children of any age or cats, he would suit a elderly person who has the time to pamper him.

Alfie - Adopted

Alfie is a lovely neutered male cross breed (we think collie/lab). He is nearly 3 years old and was rehomed at 8 weeks by PDiN but due to a change in circumstances has sadly come back to us. He is a super boy, really loving and affectionate. He is excellent with children of all ages and good with other dogs but is also happy to be an only dog. He is lovely in the house, calm and clean and is  fine to be left for a few hours. He is fine with cats. He is nearly a perfect boy, his one fault is he will pull on the lead but he is a young bouncy boy and his foster is working on that. He knows all his basic commands and has good recall when you get to know him and he trusts you. He is going to make some lucky family the perfect pet.

Monty - Available Now

Monty needs his forever home.

This little fella has been to hell and back but is now a ready to find his happy ending.

Monty was picked up as a stray in a very poor condition and after spending his time in the kennels he came to us for some much needed TLC but unfortunately took really ill and spent 5 days in the vets on a drip and was not expected to make it..........But he did and just look at him now :-)

Monty would like a home with people around most of the time he's not happy being left alone after all he's been through and anyone offering him a home must understand his past and give him time to feel fully secure and loved. He loves children and other dogs but would chase cats. Monty is a young very active playful lad who would not suit a lapdog sort of home.

Percy - Available Now

Percy is a lovely  4 (ish) year old neutered male staff boy. He is looking for staffy experienced loving forever home. He is a fantastic boy in the house, loves everyone he meets and is good with children but probably better with older ones as he does sometimes get excited and jump up. He is clean and quiet and fine to be left for a few hours. He loves to go for walks but can be grumpy when he meets other dogs. He has been working with a trainer on this and is improving all the time. The training will continue with his forever home if needed. If you can offer this handsome boy the forever home he deserves please get in touch.

Sacha - Reserved

Sweet little cross breed girl who unfortunately has had to come back to us through no fault of her own.

Sasha is a lovely girl who is fine with dogs but does need time to get to know them, great with children of all ages she has previously lived with 3. Sasha is a def no go with cats, she really doesnt like them. Sasha is fine to be left alone for a few hours she is spotlessly clean in the house, can be a little pully on the lead but this is being worked on.

Tia - Reserved

Meet Tia
A sweet lively little girl who came to us due to some lovely people securing her safety from the selling sites.
Tia is adorable and only very young, she is fine with other dogs but has been known to react to females who threaten her so we feel she would be better placed as a only dog or with a calm, neutered male.
Tia can be very vocal at times as patterdale types often are but this has been worked on in her foster home and is improving all the time, as is all her training and manners.
Tia is great with children but will not be homed with cats.
Tia is clean in the house and can be left for 3/4 hours but doesn't like to be left for longer. She is good on the lead and loves to go for long walks and play with toys.
She is looking for a kind and patient foster home who is willing to continue with the work done by her foster home in settling and training her.

Billy - Reserved 

Billy is a young , soon to be neutered male Yorkie cross. He is a lovely little man who is great with all he meets. He is looking for a home where he gets lots of fuss and attention and where he isn't left for long periods. He is still only young and has been known to have the odd accident but just normal for a young boy. He is good on the lead and loves to go for long walks and to play with his toys. He loves children and ideally is looking for a lively home as he can be an energetic little man. He will not be rehomed as an only dog as he likes the company of other dogs too much, ideally he would have a young canine companion to play with. If you can offer him his perfect home please get in touch.

Betty - Reserved

Betty is a young female lurcher with very unusual and stunning markings. Betty is lovely in the house and is fantastic with children. She gets on well with other dogs but is happy to be an only dog as well. She walks well on her lead. She cant be rehomed with cats or small furries. She is a loving girl who will make a fantastic family pet.

Mabel - Adopted

Mabel is a 10 month old lurcher girl, she is a lovely girl, good with children and other dogs. Currently in a foster home and more details will follow as we get to know her.

Kez - Available Now

Kez is a lovely Lurcher boy, probably about 18 months - 2 years old. He is a big lad but very laid back typical of the breed. He is good with other dogs and great with children but a no for cats and small furries. He is currently entire but will be getting done very soon. He likes his walks but can be a bit pully when he sets off on his lead, soon settles though. Perfect in the house, clean and well behaved, fine to be left for a couple of hours and fine to travel in the car. If you can offer a loving home to this handsome boy please get in touch.

Toby - Reserved

Toby is  a 20 month old cocker x shih male, currently still entire. He is looking for a new home as his owners are moving abroad very soon. He is a lovely friendly boy, good with all he meets including dogs and children. he is fine to be left and is fully house trained.

Can you offer Toby a loving forever home or a foster home until a forever home is found?

Lexi - Reserved

Lexi is a 3yr old staff x mastiff girl who is just adorable, fine with other dogs but can play a little rough with them, great in the home, ok to be left for short periods of time, pulls a little on the lead but this is improving daily.

Lexi is a bright, friendly, adorable and clever girl who knows some basic commands and is very eager to please and learn. She is looking for a home with children over 5 and no cats.

Jax - Reserved

Jax is a delightful 15 month old staff boy. He is neutered.. He walks like a dream on the lead, is very calm and quiet and has lived with children and other dogs. He can be a little nervous on first meeting but he is growing in confidence all the time. A quieter household where he gets lots of human attention would probably suit this lovely boy best.

Louie - Reserved

Louie is a young patterdale type male who came to us from the stray pound. He isn’t yet neutered but soon will be. He is a great little dog - well behaved, eager not to cause offence {he`s very polite!}, he likes some fuss from his humans and he plays well with dogs, children and adults, he loves his tatty football and his walks, tug-of-War is his favourite game. He is learning basic commands readily and walks well using a harness but does need some more lead training as he can be a bit pully at times. He is a real delight to have around and will make a fantastic family pet.

Tia and Ella - Reserved

Meet two perfect princesses Tia and Ella both 5 years old.

They are very friendly and loving and love walking off the lead. Tia likes her Ball being thrown. They are lovely personalities. They are good with children but they are not used to young children. They have no health problems. Sadly due to a change in circumstance they need a new loving forever home together...We will not separate them as they have never been apart. .

Could you offer this lovely pair of girls a home with plenty of love and attention?

Ellie - Reserved

Little Ellie is now 9 weeks old and is looking for her own forever home like her brothers and sisters. She is a lovely, confident, funny and loving girl. Mum was a brindle lurcher and dad a staff x lurcher. She loves children and other dogs and has been around cats. Her ideal home will be where she isnt left for more than 4 or 5 hours and even less would be better if she is to be an only dog. Please note we have no trial period for puppies, we expect full commitment from the start. They must not be walked until after 2nd vacc at around 10 weeks, they must attend training classes and they will be neutered at our expense at 6 months old. Puppies will not be rehomed where they are to be left for more than 4/5 hours maximum and less than that if they are to be an only dog. Also please note or rehoming aea of burnley and pendle and surrounding areas.