Pendle Dogs in Need

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When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Skipton in one direction and Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base. All dogs have an adoption fee of £150 payable after a trial period. To express an interest in any of our dogs please email with an address and contact number.

LEO - Experienced foster home needed

Leo is a young 8mth old male Border Collie who came to us with some quite serious behavioural issues..very sad to see in such a young boy....

We've spent a lot of time getting to know Leo and working on his issues and what we've found is the lost loving gentle boy who just wants to please. Leo is as bright as a button and picks commands up so fast but does need a very experienced home with the time and ability to turn this young boy into the sort of dog we know he will make in the right hands.

I personally spent 24/7 with Leo and in the four days I has him he settled down so much and learnt so many commands and showed me just what a bright and loving boy he really is!

Leo needs a job! Leo needs a job with plenty of overtime!
Leo's problems stem from the fact that from a very young age he was left alone for long periods of time with no direction and nothing to do so went self employed as a neurotic shadow chaser uninterested in anything else but bouncing off walls to catch "HIS" shadows. Leo will also guard these shadows and for this reason will not be homed with another dog but outside of the home he loves meeting and playing with them.

Within 24hrs of being with me he stopped doing this because I kept him focused and busy. When Leo first arrived he was very reactive towards strangers this also improved straight away and he learnt to approach people gently and get a fuss.

Leo's not going to be a easy dog to begin with but in the right hands he's going to make the most fantastic adult dog. He needs a leader, someone that can show him how to behave(and how not to) Someone that can give this young boy enough to do to keep him happy and focused. Leo is happy to be crated for a few hrs and sleeps in his crate overnight.

If you think you have got the experience, patience and time this pup needs please contact us either on here or by email to

Full behaviorist support will be given to anyone who offers Leo a chance,

Emma - Available soon

Emma is a female gsd x rottie. She is around 2 years old. Emma is a very timid girl and is just learning to trust people and enjoy the life of a dog. She is a loving girl and is great with other dogs. More details to follow.

Suki - Available Now

Suki is a female sbt puppy. This adorable girl is doing brilliantly in her foster home and will be looking for her forever home very soon. She is great with children and other dogs and hasn't met cats but as a pup should be fine if introduced carefully. The thing people need to be aware of with this girl is she is totally deaf. This doesn't seem to cause her any problems and she is already picking up instructions from signs and gestures. Support will be offered with her training as with all pups. If you think you can offer this special little girl a loving forever home please get in touch.

Tegan - Available Now

Tegan is a young SBT girl (10-12 months). She is a lovely girl who adores people. She is great in the house and good on her lead. She is fine around children but a bit bouncy (typical young staff) for very little ones. She can be a bit grumbly when meeting other dogs sometimes and would prefer to be the only dog in the house.  If you have a Tegan shaped space on your sofa and lots of love to give she could be the dog for you, please get in touch.

Rio - Reserved

Rio has just come to us after being in pound kennels since November. He is a small cross breed, poss staff x  terrier and we think he is about 2. He is a sweet boy, very gentle and god with other dogs. He is proving to be a lovely bouncy intelligent boy  who loves to cuddle. He also loves children but probably best with older ones and no cats for him. He is looking for his forever home now.

Teddy - Adopted

Teddy is a 2yr old large neutered Pomeranian boy who's available now!
He is fine with other dogs but does need work on his social skills and can, as this breed often are, be very vocal. Teddy need a experienced home without young children where he won't get left for long alone and has another dog for company.

Teddy will not be homed to someone wanting a cute little dog, Teddy needs work to help him find his feet and is very likely to remain a vocal little boy (ear plugs supplied lol).

Benson - Reserved

Benson is a 5yr old english pointer from Cyprus who came to us after problems arose in the home he was imported to. Benson had a few problems with his paper work and we had to put him back through quarantine but he's now out and doing fantastic in a foster home with three other dogs. Benson is very affectionate he loves everyone and every dog he meets. He's great in the house and can be left for a couple of hours but will counter surf and steal if anything if left within reach. This boy is just so adorable and cuddly and very easy to fall in love with.
Benson will need a home with at least one other

Corban - Available Now

Corban is a 14 week old staff x ridgeback boy. This lovely boy is a real livewire, full of fun and mischief. He is a very clever boy ad is picking u new things all the time. He is great with other dogs and is in foster with a dog savvy cat. Due to his boisterous nature and the fact he is going to be a big bouncy boy we think he would be better placed with children over 8. He is looking for a bully experienced forever home who can love him and guide him in the right direction. He is going to make an amazing boy.

BELLA - Now in foster 

This adorable old girl is still looking for a loving warm home where she can relax and enjoy the rest of her life. She's a huge cuddly girl and such a comical character she really does make us smile.  Bella's spent years in kennels now, she came to us when another rescue struggled and she'd been with them for years.

Someone must have room for this big cuddly slobber monster. Bella's clean in the house and loves her home comforts. We are desparate to get her out of a kennel and into a home. We will cover all costs for Bella for the rest of her life and always be here to support anyone who offers our special girl a home. Bella is not good with other dogs or cats and would be better suited to a home without young children.

Can anyone help our Big Bella?

Peppa - Under Assessment

Peppa is a 2 year old female Jack Russel. Good with other dogs and cats but must be homed with older children (12 plus). More details to follow.

Misty - Reserved

Meet Misty, she is a 9 month old  cross breed female. She is a small girl who  has a big personality. She is a very loving and affectionate girl. She is great around children, although a little  too bouncy to be rehomed with very small ones. She loves the company of other dogs. She is an energetic girl who loves long walks and needs lots of attention and mental stimulation. If you think she is the perfect dog for your family please get in touch.

Buddy - Reserved

The adorable Buddy is still waiting for his forever home. Buddy is a 10/12 month old lurcher cross but to say he is a young boy, he has come on leaps and bounds. He is toilet trained, very good in the house, plays really well with other dogs and sits on command. He walks so well on the lead now, and will make someone a super pet. He also likes children, and seems to be very good with them. Buddy has had all his vaccinations and.has been neutered. He can’t be rehomed with cats and small furries. If you think he is the dog for you please get in touch.

Boris - Reserved

The lovely Boris is a young staffy male who has come to us from the stray pound, he has been in there since November. He is currently in foster and being assessed and more deyails will follow as we have them.

Rusty _ Available Now

The lovely Rusty is a 2 year old neutered Male jack Russell. He is a delightful boy who loves walks and cuddles. He is looking for an energetic home with another dog for company, no cats and children over five years old. If you think he is the perfect dog for you please get in touch.

Daisy - Reserved

Daisy is an 8 month old beagle girl who is coming to PDIN today, details to be updated as we know them.

Henry - Reserved

Meet Henry, he is a 6 month old Pug X Cav male, he is currently entire but is booked for neutering. Henry is a lovely boy, good with children and other dogs. He has not been tested with cats. He is good in the house and is fully house trained. He needs a bit of work to improve how he walks on the lead but is getting better all the time. This loving, lively boy is going to make someone a lovely family pet. If you think you can offer him the perfect home please get in touch.

Ringo - Reserved

Ringo is a 3yr old neutered male labrador. Fantastic lad who's great with other dogs, has lived with children but can be reactive around cats.

This boy has a super temperament and adores people and would be best suited to a home where he's get plenty of attention and lots of walks. We think he would prefer another dog for company but could be an only dog in a home where he got lots of human attention. If you think you can offer him the perfect home please get in touch.

Gomez - Available now

Meet Gomez a young (8-12 months) neutered male boxer cross. Gomez is a typical bouncy pup who loves cuddles and to play with his toys. He is a bright boy, a quick learner who knows all his basic commands. He is a bit of a puller on the lead still but this is improving all the time in his foster home and he has good recall when off lead. He is a little wary around other dogs when he first meets them but does settle down after a short while. He loves children but due to his bouncy nature we wouldn’t place with very young ones. He isnt cat tested but has met guinea pigs with no problems. This lovely boy will make an ideal family pet. If you think he is the dog for you please inbox or email

Holly - Reserved

Holly is a 6/7 month old, we think, patterdale x staff girl. She is a lovely affectionate and bouncy puppy who has come on with her training whilst in foster but does need a home that is willing to continue working on this with her. She is great with children, absolutely loves them. She is also brilliant with other dogs and would probably doe best in a home with another dog for company or where she will gets lots of adult attention if not. She has not been tested with cats. She can be left for short periods. She loves her cuddles and toys and is obsessed with water. Her foster says ' She is just an amazing dog that deserves the best home ever x' Could that be you

Marley - Adopted

Meet Marley a 2 year old male jrt x chi. He is currently entire (but booked for a certain operation on the 2nd of March.) Marley can be a bit timid when he first meets you but is growing in confidence, however he does need a patient home that is happy to work on confidence building and making him feel settled and secure. He is good with other dogs and would be happy living with older children (8+) but he is scared and cowers away from younger ones. He walks very well on a lead & has a great recall. He loves a cuddle when he gets to know you and is great around the house. If you think you can offer this lovely little man the perfect home please get in touch.