Pendle Dogs in Need

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When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base. All dogs have an adoption fee of £150 payable after a trial period. To express an interest in any of our dogs please email with an address and contact number. 

We precheck all homes so if you have not yet had a home check and are seriously looking for a dog please fill in our enquiry form or email with your address and contact details and we will get in touch with you.

Please remember we do not rehome dogs out of our area Burnley/Pendle/Parts of Blackburn/Clitheroe, we don't cover Rossendale area, Oswaldtwistle or Darwen sorry as they are well covered by other rescues.

HERBIE - Needs a foster home now

Herbie is a tiny 3 year old staffie who is currently in the dog pound and we want to help him. This little lad came in so scared its taken us nearly four weeks to get through his defences and show him we mean him no harm, he is now the most adorable, friendly, lovable and kissy little boy but he has been in there far too long and we need to get him out and into a foster home asap.

Herbie seems fine with other dogs but to begin with we are looking for a home without a resident dog, cat or children under 10, this little one has been to hell and back and needs time to settle back down. Herbie is understandably feeling a little needy now he has friends and we expect him to totally fall in love with anyone who offers to help him, so he is unlikely to cope in a home where he would get left alone for long.

Have you got what it takes to help us to complete this boys journey into a forever home? Please get in touch Herbie needs you!

Bandit - Available Now

Bandit is a tiny JRT cross around 2/3 years old. Bandit needs a terrier savvy home with the experience to cope with his quirks, Bandit isn't keen on strangers and would nip if he was approached by one, they need to let him come to them in his own time! Once he gets to know you though he is a loving, cuddly little man.
Bandit is generally fine with other dogs. We have had him in day care and in foster with 4 other dogs with zero issues but he has been known to take offence to some dogs, usually big ones from time to time. Bandit id fine with cats. This tiny little boy has a lot of attitude at times but its easily managed and he does listen when know this little champ is to love him.
No children or busy homes for Bandit.
He would prefer a home where someone is around a lot of the day to give him lots of attention and would be an ideal companion for someone who is retired. he is ok to be left for a couple of hours though.
Could you offer this little character the loving home he deserves?

Domino - Reserved

Domino is a adorable 8 month old staff x pup who came to us from the dog pound. Dom is a clever, lovable perfect boy who enjoys long walks and plenty of cuddles and attention, he could live with another playful dog of a similar size but has not been cat tested. Domino is still a puppy and can be a little silly at times so no very young children for him. He is calm, quiet and non destructive in the home and happily settles down to sleep downstairs. He is fine to be left for short periods of time.

Domino needs a home that will have the time needed for such a young boy and will not be homed where he will get left alone for long periods of time.

Badger - Reserved

I am a 1 year old lurcher boy. I am currently in kennels but am looking for a foster home to give me the chance of a comfy sofa to snooze on. Could it be you?? I am good on the lead and good with other dogs but can't be fostered with cats or children under 10 or where i will left for a long time.

Jake - Adopted

Jake is a lovely young male lurcher. He is a sweet and affectionate boy. He is a very bouncy and energetic boy and because of this would be best suited to a home where there are no small children. He is great with other dogs and would be best suited to a home where he does have another dog for company. He doesn't like being left for long periods so a home where there is someone about a lot of the time would be ideal for him. He loves his walks and will need a home energetic enough to take him on good long walks every day. He cannot be rehomed where there are cats and small furries in the house. If you think you can offer the energetic and loving home that would suit this boy best please get in touch.

Belle - Adopted

Belle is a 41/2 month old patterdale (possible cross). She is looking for a home where she gets all she needs. Belle loves children and would prefer a busy family with some little ones to fuss and cuddle. Belle also loves other dogs and will not be rehomed where she will be an only dog. Her ideal dog companion would be a playful friend to run around with. Belle is an easy dog in a lot of ways. She is clean in the house, fine to be left for 3 or 4 hours and settles in her bed and sleeps with her doggy friends at night time. Unlike a lot of terriers she is not a big barker and is very sociable with all dogs she meets. She has encountered the household cat and would chase it if she wasn't so scared of it, but she would chase a less confident cat.However she is by no means perfect and typical to the patterdale nature does still tend to pull on her lead. She is at the stage of chewing and will have a nibble on shoes or toys if they are in reach, she also is quite a food obsessed girl and thinks its ok to pinch if she gets chance. Her perfect home will have the time and experience to continue with the training she requires to make her a perfect little family dog. 

Lexi - Available Now

Lexi is a 3yr old staff x mastiff girl. This is what her foster home say about her

She's playful and intelligent and responds well to treats when training. She seems good around small children but because of her size and bounciness wouldn't be ideal to live with them.
She is super fit and loves long walks and playing ball games. She does like to chase things so no cats or small furries for her.
She settled in really quick and is clean around the house. She barks when people come to the door but this is not excessive, she is just protecting the most important thing to her, which is her humans and she will let you know just how important you really are to her, I have saved on soap already as she gives me a wash every time I come home from work.This girl will give so much affection to her new family and deserves the same in return so please find a place in your home for Lexi, she will make you laugh, and I guarantee she will kick start your day with a smile.

Lexi is fine when meeting dogs around but she needs to be the only dog in her home. She is a large girl and can be a bit pully but walks well on a harness. She is fine to be left for a few hours.

Henry - Reserved

Henry is a collie x staff boy. He is around 4 years old and has recently been neutered.  Henry is a loving dog that likes to cuddle up on the settee. He is good on the lead. He house trained. Henry loves other dogs to play with and would probably be best in a home where he has another steady dog for company. He is good with small children but we can't say how he would be around cats. Henry will let you know if someone is coming in or knocking by barking.He likes going out in the car and is a good traveller. Henry doesn't much like to be left for long so is looking for a home where there is someone around a lot of the time. He does like to sleep upstairs, not on the bed but where he knows his humans are nearby. He will make a great, loyal family member.

Stanley - Adopted

Stanley is a 20 month old neutered male poodle x terrier. He isn't a small boy, about the size of a large springer. he is a lovely lad but very energetic and looking for a home who have the time for plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. he is crate trained and fine to be left for a few hours. He is wary when first meeting other dogs but soon settles and enjoys their company. He will chase a cat and is fine with one that's very dog savvy but wouldn't work with a quiet cat. He can't be rehomed with small children (under 10) If you can offer him the perfect home please get in touch by email.  Home check and adoption fee apply and please note our rehoming area listed above which is not negotiable.

Tucker - Adopted

Tucker is a fantastic 2 year old jrt male who has come to us from the stray pound. He is a fantastic boy, very sweet and loving. He will be looking for a home soon.  

***** UPDATE **** Tuckers foster home have fallen for his charms and wish to adopt him so he is no longer available.

Sandy - Reserved

Sandy is a 5 year old terrier girl. She is a loving girl but has been a bit grumpy with some dogs in the house ( she doesnt seem to like it when they bark at her or bounce at her) so best to be an only dog or with a quieter dog who is happy to give her a bit of space. She loves walks and although she pulls she isnt strong. She can't be rehomed with cats or small furries.

Boris - Reserved

Boris is in the pound kennels and we need a foster home to help us to save him.

This boy melts your heart!

Boris is a very young Akita cross breed and what a character he is. Boris likes to listen to every word you say to him while cocking his head and pulling the funniest of faces. Boris is young and can be a little giddy at times but one word and his focus is 100% back. This medium sized Teddy Bear is going to be a joy to train he's such a bright people focused boy.

Boris seems fine with other dogs but no cats or young children until fully assessed.

Jet - Available Now

Jet is an 8 year old Terrier cross male, he is neutered. he is looking for a home where he gets lots of attention and doesn't get left for long. Jet is fine with other dogs and cats but wouldn't suit a very busy house with lots of dogs and small people. His ideal home would be with a retired couple or person. He is a lively boy for his age who does love his walks and playing with toys. He is going to make someone a fantastic companion.

Star - Reserved

My name is Star and I am looking for a special forever home now!

Star is a 10 month old Jrt x Chi girl. She is a sweet, gentle little girl who tends to be shy and lacks confidence, however she is slowly coming out of her shell in her foster home. She is beginning to play with toys and will come for a short cuddle but is not needy of human attention.

She loves other dogs of all sizes and will only be rehomed where she has another dog for company, preferably a fairly calm one.
She isn't fully house trained but has improved with this and is getting there.
She is crate trained and fine to be left for 3 or 4 hours. She settles overnight without a fuss.
To summarise this lovely girl is looking for a calm home with time to continue her training and build her confidence, no children under ten and another dog for company. If you think you meet her criteria and can give her the special home she deserves please get in touch.

Wilf - Under assessment

Wilf is a young male terrier. he is currently in one of our foster homes and more details will be available soon.

Alfie - Adopted

Alfie  is a young male staffy cross, he is only a small boy and very loving. 

Hi my name is Alfie. I was rescued from the pound and have been in foster care since the 10th of December. I am now looking for a forever home. I am approximately 3 years old. My ideal home is with older children and I like other dogs but I don't like cats. I am fully house trained, good on the lead and I like lots of cuddles. I am also use to basic commands like sit, shake a paw and I can ask for treats.

Toby - Adopted

I am a year old Jack russell male. I am currently in the kennels but am looking for a foster home to give me a chance. I need to be an only dog and can't be fostered where there are cats or small children as I don't like either really. My perfect home would be with an older person who wants a loving companion and has all the time in the world for me. Can you help?

Bryn - Adopted

Bryn is a young neutered male staffie. This lovely boy is looking for his forever home now. Bryn is a young boy and as such has bags of energy so is looking for a home where he gets lots of nice long, interesting walks.