Pendle Dogs in Need

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When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base. All dogs have an adoption fee of £150 payable after a trial period. To express an interest in any of our dogs please complete the enquiry form found under the fostering/adopting tab or if you previously had a home check by us email with an address and contact number . 

Why do we restrict our rehoming area?

We are aware that lots of other rescues home dogs countrywide but when PDiN was set up a decision was made to keep all our dogs close by and it works well for both us and our dogs. We put a lot of input into our dogs, we personally know each and every one of them and we want to keep them close by. PDiN is run by a small group of hard working dedicated volunteers who give their free time up to help us to find the perfect homes for our dogs, they do the home checks, they place the dogs, they liaise closely and offer help and backup with the homes while the dogs is in either foster or on trial, they help with vet runs, training advice and lots more and when the time is right they complete the adoption. After adoptions have taken place we are always here if needed for both the dog and the homes and we just could not do all this if we placed dogs outside of our area, we know our limits and we stick to them for the sake of our dogs and their new homes. Once a dog comes under our safety net it stays there for life.

We are sorry that people think we are just being awkward we assure you that is not the case, we just know our limits and stick to them for the sake of our dogs and our very hardworking little team of volunteers.

Alice- Under Assessment

Alice is a 4 year old lurcher girl. She is currently in a foster home under assessment.
She has ben around children and is fine to be left for a few hours but definitely can't be rehomed with cats or small furries.
More details to follow as we get to know her.

Annie - Available Now

Annie is a 14 month old female lurcher. She is a lovely girl, very loyal and loving and is looking for a special home now. Annie loves other dogs and would love a four legged friend to live with but would be happy as an only dog with lots of human time and attention. She is excellent in the house and out and ok to be left for a couple of hours but she wouldn't like to be in a home where she is left all day. She loves her walks and is good on the lead. She needs a home where there are no cats and no children under the age of six. If you think you can offer her the perfect home then please get in touch by emailing

Jake - Available Now

Jake is a male collie who is in need of a new home through no fault of his own. Jake is just 8 months old and is a happy very active boy who will not be placed in a home that doesn't fully suit his needs.

As a young working breed he needs a lot of long walks and plenty of attention and will not be placed in a home where he would get left alone daily. Jake would make a ideal dog for someone wanting a young obedience or agility dog and prefer...ence will be given to that sort of home.

Jake is fine with other dogs, loves children in fact he loves everyone he meets.

If you feel you could offer this lovely lad a active fun filled future please fully read the info on our website and fill the form in to book a home check.

Riley -Reserved

Another dog who's hit rock bottom who we want to help. We've called him Riley as we don't know his actual name.

Riley is a lovely natured boy who quite obviously hasn't been looked after for a while. He is fine with other dogs and would enjoy a home with company, Riley wouldn't enjoy a home that was too busy so children over 10 only for him. He has not been cat tested yet so no cats.


We can only guess at his age and while he's not a puppy he's far from being a old dog.

Can anyone throw this sweet tiny boy a lifeline he has so much love to give and no one to give it to.
If you can help please email or fill out the enquiry form found on the fostering/adopting tab

Rudi - Reserved

Meet Rudi a delightful 10 month old male staff who is looking for a new forever home.

Rudi is fine to live with children and other dogs but would chase and annoy cats. He is a typical young staffie boy who does get over excited at times and he does need some training but he is a bright clever boy who is very eager to please.


Rudi is fully crate trained. no destructive and clean in the house
If you can help please email or fill out the enquiry form found on the fostering/adopting tab

Sasha- Under assessment

Sasha is an 8 year old Shih Tzu girl. She is a lovely girl who loves a knee to snuggle on. She would suit an older home where she gets peace and quiet and a lot of attention, she doesn't much like being left.
More details to follow as we get to know her.

Buddy - Under Assessment

Buddy is a 5 year old neutered male cross breed. (yorkie x spaniel) He is about the size of a small cocker, around 16" high so not a big boy. He is coming to us due to his elderly owner now struggling to give him the exercise he needs. He isn't used to being left so wouldn't suit a home where he got left for long periods. He is fine with other dogs and used to being around young children but has never met a cat. He loves his walks but also loves a cuddle. If you think he may the dog for you or can offer him a foster home (prechecked homes only) please email us at or inbox on here.

Zane - Available Now

Zane is a 6 year old neutered male Akita who came to us from the stray dog kennels. A nicer dog you would struggle to meet he really is just a big friendly Teddy Bear. Zane came to Paws in the Park with us last week and was a total Gentleman all day.
Zane is great with all dogs what ever the size, met children and loved them but his favourite part of the day was a visit to the local pub where he just led down and people watched.
Zane is still in kennels so will need a home with someone around a lot until he fully settles. He has not been cat tested sorry.
Thanks again to Rawfeedinglancs for sponsoring this lovely lad and giving him a chance of a loving life.

Zane is not a large boy for this breed he's not much bigger than a spaniel, we do have some history for this teddy bear and he's not had a good life so far.

This boy just needs someone to give him a chance now - could that be you?


Bert is a 12 month old neutered male collie. He is looking for a special forever home now. Bert is described as a lovely boy but typical of the breed is lively and full of energy. He is looking for an energetic home who fully understands the needs of a young collie for both exercise and mental stimulation. Training wise he is fully house trained and lead work has been improving but still needs work so his new home would need to have the time and patience to continue working with this and other training with him. He is great with other dogs and would be happy with a friend to live with but would also be fine to live alone with plenty of human attention. He is probably not going to work in a house with cats and he will need to be rehomed with sensible dog savvy children over  the age of 8.
*** Bert will only be rehomed where he has another dog for company ***
He is fine to be left for a few hours but we wouldn't like him to be in a home where there would be no one round for most of the day - 8 hours with just a dog walker to break up the day wouldn't provide him with the stimulation he needs. 
If you think you can offer him the perfect home please get in touch by emailing

Willow - Reserved

Willow is a 4/5 year old collie x who has found herself unwanted in the stray dog kennels and we want to help her.
Willow is a high energy active girl who needs a home where she will get plenty of exercise and training something we suspect she's not had much of so far. She loves people and is so bright she will be a joy to train, fine with other dogs ...but can be a little dominant around other females so would be best suited as either a only dog or with another calm male.
No cats or small children until full assessed in foster.
If you can help please email or fill out the enquiry form found on the fostering/adopting tab

Marshall - Available Now

Marshall is a 3 month old male cross breed pup (bull lurcher). He is a real character, very bright, funny, mischeivious and loving. 
He is well socialised with other dogs, loves small children and isn't bothered about the cats he is in foster with.
He is a big boy already and anyone who adopts him needs to know he will be a big dog when fully grown.
If you feel you can offer him the perfect home please contact us by email

Pip- Reserved

Another adorable boy who also needs our help. We have named him Pip as we dontt know his actual name.

Lively active little boy who is ok with other dogs. Pip will need a active home where he will get long walks and plenty of attention. No cats for this boy and children over 10 until fully assessed.


Lots of character in this little fella he's fab!

Patsy - Foster Needed

This young sweet but scared girl has found herself unclaimed in the dog pound and needs our help.

As usual with our pound dogs we have no way of knowing her actual name so we have called her Patsy.


Patsy is looking for a calm kind foster home where she can find her feet and start to enjoy life again, she has tested as good with other dogs but we have no way of cat testing her until we can get her out. Patsy wouldn't enjoy sharing her life with young children at the moment she needs to relax a little first.

Can anyone please help us to save this girls life and find her a loving forever home.

Please fully read the info on our website and get in touch.

Charlie - Adopted

Charlie is a 3 year old male Jrt. Charlie is good with children. Charlie is fine to be left for a few hours a day he is clean and non destructive. He needs a active home with lots of long walks, attention and a secure outside area.  More details to follow.


Betty - Reserved

Poor Betty has found herself unclaimed and over time in the stray dog kennels and we want to help her. Unlike most of our poundies we have Betty's history and we know she is fine with children of any age, fine with other dogs but has never lived with cats....
Betty now has a foster home, she needs some vets treatment for her skin and will be available for rehoming soon.