Pendle Dogs in Need

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When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base. All dogs have an adoption fee of £150 payable after a trial period 
(PLEASE NOTE this will be increasing to £175 from the 1st of January 2018).
To express an interest in any of our dogs please complete the enquiry form found under the fostering/adopting tab or if you previously had a home check by us email with an address and contact number . 
Please note we do not place our dogs in homes where there are entire males.

Why do we restrict our rehoming area?

We are aware that lots of other rescues home dogs countrywide but when PDiN was set up a decision was made to keep all our dogs close by and it works well for both us and our dogs. We put a lot of input into our dogs, we personally know each and every one of them and we want to keep them close by. PDiN is run by a small group of hard working dedicated volunteers who give their free time up to help us to find the perfect homes for our dogs, they do the home checks, they place the dogs, they liaise closely and offer help and backup with the homes while the dogs is in either foster or on trial, they help with vet runs, training advice and lots more and when the time is right they complete the adoption. After adoptions have taken place we are always here if needed for both the dog and the homes and we just could not do all this if we placed dogs outside of our area, we know our limits and we stick to them for the sake of our dogs and their new homes. Once a dog comes under our safety net it stays there for life.

We are sorry that people think we are just being awkward we assure you that is not the case, we just know our limits and stick to them for the sake of our dogs and our very hardworking little team of volunteers.

Hattie- Available Now

Hattie came into us due to having some behavioural problems not helped at all due to her poor start in life but in the right hands Hattie has learnt so much and improved lots.

Hattie is a very clever active girl who needs a home that fully understand her needs and will not let her push boundaries she's very food orientated and would do well at agility or obedience. She would not suit a home that worked and left her alone for hours every day.

Hattie will not be placed in a home with children or cats but could possibly live with another dog.

Hattie is just 14 months old and so eager to learn.

Patsy - Available Now

Patsy is a young neutered crossbreed girl (probably Patterdale x Staff). She is looking for her forever home now. She needs a dog experienced home where she is the only dog. She loves people and is lovely with children but due to be young and bouncy when greeting people children in the home should be 8+. She is fine to be left for 2 or 3 hours and is not destructive at all in the house but does have a habit of jumping on the windowsill when alone if she can.
She is good on the lead and loves walks but is often edgy when she meets other dogs on her lead. Her foster have been working on this with her but her new home will need to continue helping her socialise successfully with other dogs. She can't be rehomed with cats. If you think you can offer her the perfect home please inbox or email .

Marni - Adopted

Marni is a 10 year old crossbreed girl who came to us from the stray pound. She is proving to be a lovely girl who is great with everyone she meets.
She has some lumps that need removing and wont be available for rehoming until she has had her operation and fully recovered from it.

Alice- Adopted

Alice is a 4 year old lurcher girl. She is looking for a lovely home to call her own.
She has ben around children and is fine to be left for a few hours but definitely can't be rehomed with cats or small furries.
She is great with other dogs, good on the lead and clean and well behaved in the house. Her fosters describe her as the perfect dog and say they hardly know they have got her.
Can you offer this fantastic girl a loving home? 
Please get in touch.

Sasha- Adopted

Sasha is an 8 year old Shih Tzu girl. She is a lovely girl who loves a knee to snuggle on. She would suit an older home where she gets peace and quiet and a lot of attention, she doesn't much like being left.
More details will follow when she is ready for adoption

Looby - Reserved

Looby Lou is an 8 year old jrt girl. She is a fantastic girl who is good with children and fine with other dogs. Don't be fooled by her age she is still a livewire who loves her walks. She isn't keen on cats or the postman. She is doing very well in her foster home and is going to make someone a fantastic companion. More details to follow once fully assessed.

Sally - Available Now

Sally is a lively 10 year old Jack Russel, she's only a tiny girl but comes complete with lots of character 😂😂😂

Sally came to us from the stray dog pounds in a very emaciated state she had not been looked after for a very long time. Sally would be fine with children over 8 she's a little worried around very young ones, no cats or small furries Sally has prey drive and would chase. She could live with another dog but would be better with a male (she can be a bossy little Princess at times).

Does Sally sound like the dog for you? Please fully read the information on our website about how we work then get in touch,

Zac - Available Now

Zac is a 10 year old staff x. Zac is a wonderful natured boy who loves everyone he meets and is fantastic with other dogs. Zac isn't a very brave boy rumour has it he got picked on by a pug and it petrified him 😂.

The sort of character every home needs he's just fab!

Ozzie - Reserved

Ozzie is a collie x staff boy. He is around 5 years old and has been neutered. He was rehomed by us last year but unfortunately one of the children in the house has developed some serious allergies and so his home have had to make the sad decision to find him a new home. Ozzie is a loving dog that likes to cuddle up on the settee. He is good on the lead. He house trained. Ozzie loves other dogs to play with and would probably be best in a home where he has another steady dog... for company, however he would be fine as an only dog where he had plentyof human company. Ozzie will let you know if someone is coming in or knocking by barking. He likes going out in the car and is a good traveller. Ozzie doesn't much like to be left for long so is looking for a home where there is someone around a lot of the time. He does like to sleep upstairs, not on the bed but where he knows his humans are nearby. He will make a great, loyal family member. He is untested with cats and would prefer a home with no young children.

Foxy - Reserved

Foxy is an 8 year old cross breed who came to us from the stray pound (she was picked up with Marni. She was in poor condition, very underweight and with poor skin.
She has settled very well in her foster home and is now nearly up to her ideal weight.
She is proving to be a fantastic girl, loves people and is great with children. She likes her walks and a cuddle on the sofa is her favourite thing.
She is clean in the house and non destructive but doesn't like to be left on her own for too long.
She is good with other dogs and would ideally prefer a home with another dog but would be ok as an only dog where she got lots of human attention.
She cannot be rehomed where there are cats or small furry animals.
Her foster home describe her as a perfect loving girl who is going to make some lucky person an ideal companion. If you think she is the dog for you please email us.
If you haven't had a homecheck please complete the form under the fostering/adopting tab on here so we can arrange this for you..

Tilly - Adopted

Tilly is a 12 year young Westie girl who came to us a few weeks ago from the pound. She has done so well in her foster home and she is looking for her forever home now. Her foster home describe her as a delight, an adorable, very loving girl whose home is her fortress. She has a couple of issues, she is partially blind and partially deaf which means she cant go off lead as she has no recall (she cant hear you) Despite this she loves going out for walks and exploring new place...s. She does often bark when meeting new dogs but this is improving. Her ideal home would be where she is the only dog and gets all the attention. She doesn't much like to be left home alone so ideally a home where she always has human company. She can't be rehomed with cats or with children under the age of 12. Don't be fooled by her age, she is a lively girl who is very young at heart and loves to play. She has a clean bill of health from our vets. If you think you can offer this lovely girl all she needs please get in touch. An oldies adoption fee will apply and you will need a home check. Please message us or email to express an interest or fill out the form for a homecheck.

Miley - Available Now

This lovely girl is Smiley Miley. She is an 8 year old jrt girl who has very sadly come back to us due to her dads poor health meaning he can't look after her anymore.
She is a lovely cuddly girl who loves lots of fuss and attention. She is used to a quiet life with lots of company and little walks during the day and that's what she is looking for again. She is ok to be left for a couple of hours though. She also loves of other dogs so will need another dog to cuddle up to in her new home.
She would prefer a home with no little ones living there but would be ok with grandchildren who visit as long as they didn't pester her. She is fine with cats.

Molly - Available Now

We rehomed Molly over 3 years ago but sadly due to a change in circumstances she is now looking for a new forever home.

Molly is a adorable well behaved girl who's is fine with other dogs but would quite happily lives as a only dog, she is fine to be left for a few hours a day, she is great with children of all ages.

If you think you can offer this lovely girl the perfect home please get in touch.

Toby - Reserved

Toby is a 5 year old Chi who came to us when his owner died. Being a typical chi he likes his own way and he will need a quiet dog savvy home. His ideal home would be a lady on her own as he really isn't keen on men. He does have a tendency to bark at visitors to the house. He won't be rehomed where there are children or small children who visit frequently. He is in foster with other dogs and whilst there are no issues he doesn't interact with them at all... so we feel he would prefer to be an only dog. He has no issue with cats. He is clean in the house and non destructive and is fine to be left for 3 or 4 hours. He travels well in the car. He has some arthritis in his knee which the vet isn't too concerned about but because of it he does need a home who is sensible about keeping his weight down and just taking him on regular short walks. He loves a cuddle when he gets to know you and does like to sit on a knee.
If you think this little character is the dog for you then please inbox us or email An adoption fee and homecheck will apply and if you haven't had a homecheck please fill out the form on the website so we can arrange this..

Max - Reserved

Max is a neutered male lurcher who is looking for a confident and experienced home. He is a dream to have around the house but can get nervous when out walking which can cause him to bark at other dogs - his foster home have been working hard to let him know its o to say hello to other dogs quitly or just ignore them. He is fine around cats and children and can live alone or with another dog no problem. A fantastic dog who deserves a fantastic home to call his owm xx