Pendle Dogs in Need

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When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base. All dogs have an adoption fee of £150 payable after a trial period. To express an interest in any of our dogs please email [email protected] with an address and contact number. 

We precheck all homes so if you have not yet had a home check and are seriously looking for a dog please fill in our enquiry form or email  [email protected] with your address and contact details and we will get in touch with you.

Please remember we do not rehome dogs out of our area Burnley/Pendle/Parts of Blackburn/Clitheroe, we don't cover Rossendale area, Oswaldtwistle or Darwen sorry as they are well covered by other rescues.

Flynn - Experienced Foster Needed

Meet Flynn a adorable 8-10 month old male Border Collie pup, Flynn came to our attention when he was advertised on face book free to a good home, unfortunately by the time we got in contact he had already been given away, 3 homes in 4 days later we finally managed to secure his future and he is now safe with us.

When we offered to help this pup we expected a aggressive crazy animal to arrive as that is how he had been described to us but what actually arrived was a very confused and insecure little boy who we suspect has been passed around for most of his short life. Flynn has zero aggression but he has also had zero training or any sensible input at all. In less than a hour today Flynn has learnt so much, he now knows how to sit, how to give a paw and how to listen when asked, he's a smart pup and in the right hands is going to progress with ease. Flynn doesn't seem to know what other dogs are or cars in fact most things he has come across he has to study carefully to be sure they mean him no harm but once this is done he is quite happy to inspect them closely.

Flynn originated from Wales and we strongly suspect he is a puppy farm dog, he shows all the signs of never being outside the 4 walls he was born in but he's not overly fearful he's just a little cautious until he knows things mean him no harm.

Friendly, kissy and so loves a snuggle, we can't wait to see this pups progress but to do this we need a special sort of foster home.

No children, they would over stimulate him and he gets nippy in play.

No cats.

Flynn could maybe live with 1 other sensible dog that wouldn't get in his face but must be able to separate and have the experience needed.

Someone who has the time and patience to guide this pup, to connect and bond with him, to be his trusted friend.

He is super smart and willing and ready to learn!

Zac - Available Now

Im Zac

I'm only a small dog and under a year old. I came into PDiN very scared but Im already learning to trust. I love going for walks and out in the car I like all other dogs but not cats. My new home would have to be with children over the age of 12 due to me being a little nervous.

Zac is a young small lurcher around 10-12 months old. We think he is probably a patterdale x whippet, he's a lovely boy who came to us in a very scared state but due to the love of his foster home he has learnt to trust and enjoy life.

Zac needs a home where he will get lots of attention and walks he would not suit a working home where he would spent a lot of time alone. Zac loves other dogs and would really benefit from living with another confident dog. Zac loves his walks and is good on his lead but his favourite pastime is to go a drive, he adores the car. This young boy is going to make someone very happy he is such a loving dedicated 

WILF - Reserved  

Wilf is a young (approx 12 months) terrier boy. He has just been neutered. He is typical of a young terrier, very active and bouncy and can be a bit vocal. He loves playing with his toys.  He likes to go for decent walks every day and enjoys playing in the garden. He is a loving boy and likes to come up on settee for a cuddle. He sometimes still barks at other dogs when he is on his lead but is good with other dogs otherwise. He won't be rehomed with children under the age of 12.  His ideal home would be with people who know the needs of a young terrier and have lots of time and attention to devote to him and carry on with this bright boys training. He can't be rehomed with cats.

He is currently in Kennels and desperate for a foster or forever home to give him a chance.

Bunty - Reserved

Bunty is a 2 year old Shihtzu girl. She has come a long way since she came to us a frightened little girl from the pound and is now ready for a home of her own. She is looking for an experienced, kind and patient home with lots of time to continue the good work in her foster home and help her to develop and let her know its ok to trust all people. She is still very nervous when first meeting people and is particularly wary of men so needs a home that understands this and is willing to give her the space she needs to come round in her own time. She likes quiet and routine in her life. She loves going out for walks so a fairly active home would suit her best as well. She is fine around other dogs and ok with cats etc. She won't be rehomed where there are small children living or as regular visitors. She is clean in the house and ok to be left 2 or 3 hours. Once you get to know her and she trusts you she is a lovely girl but she is by no means a lap dog and can still be quite aloof although she has started coming for a cuddle at times. If you think you can offer her the perfect home please get in touch.

Lexi - Adopted 

Lexi is a 3yr old staff x mastiff girl. 

She's playful and intelligent and responds well to treats when training. She seems good around small children but because of her size and bounciness wouldn't be ideal to live with them.
She is super fit and loves long walks and playing ball games. She does like to chase things so no cats or small furries for her.
This girl will give so much affection to her new family and deserves the same in return so please find a place in your home for Lexi, she will make you laugh, and I guarantee she will kick start your day with a smile.

Lexi is fine when meeting dogs around but she needs to be the only dog in her home. She is a large girl and can be a bit pully but walks well on a harness. She is fine to be left for a few hours.

Isla - Adopted

Isla is now 8 weeks old and looking for her forever home. She is a delightful little girl full of fun and mischief. She is a staffy cross and will very likely grow up to be quite a big girl. She is well socialised with children and other dogs. She has had her first vaccination and a clean bill of health of the vets and her new home will need to take her back to our vets for her second vaccination at 10 weeks then she can start to go out for walks :) She is looking for a family home with time to spend with her. Please note there is no trial period when rehoming one of our puppies and the adoption fee of £150 is payable at the time of adoption. However we do cover the cost of neutering at around 6 months.

Tia - Available Now

Tia is a 2 year old Staffy cross girl with the sweetest nature you could meet. She hasn't had a great start in life, 

Bred from twice while so very young, often found walking the streets alone, unloved and never really wanted by anyone, does this seem fair to you? It doesn't to us :-(

Tia came to us after it came to our attention  her last litter of pups were being sold at just four weeks old to anyone who had a few pound spare to buy one, we already knew of this poor girl so when we also heard she had taken ill we persuaded them to hand her over to us along with the remaining babies. Tia was seriously ill with a massive infection but luckily we got her in time and even though it was touch and go for a couple of days she made a good recovery and was even well enough to be reunited with her babies to give them the best start in life she could. Tia was a fantastic Mummy to her babies even when so poorly she still took such gentle care of them all.

Tia's babies have now all found their forever homes but Tia is still waiting. Tia has such a gentle nature she adores everyone she meets and just wants to cuddle up close for affection. She's a good girl who is fine with other dogs, loves children (a little too much at times so no under 6's for this girl).

Tia has been through so much in her short life yet remains one of the nicest, sweetest dogs we have ever helped, people should be queuing up to offer her a home but not one suitable home has come forward.

Please consider whether you could give this sweet girl the loving forever home she now deserves.

Valerie - Available Now 

This lovely girl came to us a few weeks back. She didn't have the best start in life and she was very scared of everything. She went into one of our amazing foster homes and slowly learnt to trust people and behave like a dog, enjoying walks and cuddles. It really wasn't plain sailing and she had some challenges along the way but she is now ready to move to her forever home. Valerie is just a year old and is still very shy when meeting new people for the first time. Her ideal home will be a quiet home where there isn't lots of people coming and going and where the people have lots of time to pay her attention. She would like another doggy friend to live with, her foster brothers and her are very close and she wouldn't be happy as an only dog. She is fine with children but ideally they would only be there sometimes (like grandchildren). She needs new owners who are experienced, very calm, gentle and patient and happy to help her continue developing her confidence.
We always want special homes for our dogs but for this brave and special girl the new home will have to be EXTRA special!

MAX - In foster, being assessed

Max is a lovely 6 year old neutered male lurcher.  He is a fantastic boy, great with other dogs and cats and children. Although he likes other dogs he would be fine as an only dog as well.
Max likes his food and will beg and get excited at meal times but has no food issues and does not help himself. He is good on his lead and likes some good long walks. He is clean in the house and not destructive at all. This cuddly affectionate boy has it all, Could he be your perfect dog?

Max is currently in kennels and needs a foster or forever home to give him a chance now.

Ella - Under assessment

Little Bella came to us with a nasty ear infection which is currently under treatment. She is a lovely girl who will be looking for a quiet home soon.

Rosie - under Assessment

Rosie is a three year old cross breed girl who came to us when her owner sadly passed away. She is a lovely girl who will be looking for a quiet home very soon.

Bandit - Reserved

Bandit is a tiny JRT cross around 2/3 years old. Bandit needs a terrier savvy home with the experience to cope with his quirks, Bandit isn't keen on strangers and would nip if he was approached by one, they need to let him come to them in his own time! Once he gets to know you though he is a loving, cuddly little man.
Bandit is generally fine with other dogs. We have had him in day care and in foster with 4 other dogs with zero issues but he has been known to take offence to some dogs, usually big ones from time to time. Bandit id fine with cats. This tiny little boy has a lot of attitude at times but its easily managed and he does listen when know this little champ is to love him.
No children or busy homes for Bandit.
He would prefer a home where someone is around a lot of the day to give him lots of attention and would be an ideal companion for someone who is retired. he is ok to be left for a couple of hours though.
Could you offer this little character the loving home he deserves?

Stella - Adopted

I was found straying and my owners no longer want me 😓

I'm a female small staff I'm a calm well behaved girl who's very recently been bred from....can you help me please?

We need a cat and small child free foster home for this sweet little girl.

Boris - Reserved

Boris is in the pound kennels and we need a foster home to help us to save him.

This boy melts your heart!

Boris is a very young Akita cross breed and what a character he is. Boris likes to listen to every word you say to him while cocking his head and pulling the funniest of faces. Boris is young and can be a little giddy at times but one word and his focus is 100% back. This medium sized Teddy Bear is going to be a joy to train he's such a bright people focused boy.

Boris seems fine with other dogs but no cats or young children until fully assessed.

Badger - Available now

I am a one year older neutered Lurcher boy. I am a lovely boy but can be a little nervous when first meeting people but once I get to know you I am very loving. I am looking for a special home that will love me back and spend lots of time giving me attention. I am great with other dogs and would love a calm doggy companion to live with. I am a bit nervous of children so would prefer to live with older ones (12+) I really don't like cats.

I am fine to be left for a few hours, I just sleep till you return. I like going for walks and am very good on the lead.

Badger is such a wonderful young boy and made so much progress since he arrived in his foster home and was scared of the world. Now he needs someone who can love him long term!

Eddie - Available Now

Eddie is a young Lurcher Male who was found straying. Eddie is a lovely boy who is looking for his forever home now. Eddie gets on great with other dogs and his ideal home would have another dog to keep him company. 

He would like it best if there was someone around a lot of the day but he can be left with no problems for 3 or 4 hours.

He is clean in the house and good on his lead. A bright boy who has lots of love to give.

Eddie cannot be rehomed where there are cats or small furries.

If you think this boy is the one for you please get in touch.

Bobby - Available Now

Im Bobby a 16 month old neutered male lurcher.

I came into PDiN after escaping and being run over by a bus, I was very lucky all I got was scrapes and cuts. I am a well mannered boy who is very clean in my home, I am fine to be left for a few hours as long as Ive had a walk first. I really do want to live with another dog I feel Id be much happier with a friend. I am in foster with a cat but It won't play with me and I tend to annoy it so much my rescue think I would be best in a cat free home. I can live with children of any age I'm a nice gentle boy. 

Bella - Adopted 

Bella is a female EBT cross around 10-12 months old.  She's a typical boisterous youngster at times but is doing well on the lead and is doing really well with her house training.  She's met lots of other dogs and has been very sociable not showing any sign of aggression. Bella can be  a little boisterous on meeting small children but does soon calm down. She really is a lovely girl who is great in the house and loves her cuddles. Could she be the dog for you?

Jewel - Adopted

Jewel is a 5 month old Pomeranian cross girl who hasn't had much training or guidance in her short life and is quite scared. She is gaining in confidence in her foster home. More details to follow.

Benji - Adopted

This lovely boy has come such a long way in his foster home but due to an unexpected illness is looking for a new foster home or forever home quite soon.
Benji is a delightful cross breed boy, around a year old, he isn't yet neutered but will be soon. He is great with everyone he meets, loves other dogs, children and is great with cats. He is a bouncy young boy and loves his walks and is a good boy on and off the lead. In the house he loves to play (mostly with his toys but he has been known to pinch odd items like socks) and he loves cuddles. He is fine to leave a couple of hours. He is nearly toilet trained now but does have the odd accident, he hasn't lived in a house before so that's understandable. He is a bright boy with so much love to give