Pendle Dogs in Need

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Lexi is a young staffie girl who was found dumped with horrific wounds after being used in a suspected dog baiting incident.

Lexi is all mended now and is ready and waiting for her forever home. This sweet natured little girl would make a ideal dog for a active family. She's well mannered,.perfect in the house and full of fun and cuddles.
Lexi has come a long way thanks to the care of her foster home but does still have some understandable fears around other dogs, we have been working hard on this and she is making steady progress but would need to be homed as a only dog.

Please share Lexi and help us find her a happy ending she so deserves it after what she went though

Milo - Available Now

Milo is a young neutered male Jack Russell. He can be a little cautious when he first meets you but he soon comes out of his shell. He will be best suited to a home where someone is around all the time and where he gets a lot of attention. He is fine around other dogs but will chase cats and small furries. Preferably no young children as he can be a little nervous. He loves his walks and his treats and sleeping on a comfy cushion in front of the fire.

Lily - Reserved

Lily is a 8mth old chocolate Labrador pup

Lily is a proper live wire, typical 8 month old pup, boisterous, happy, lickie and into everything however she now...
Sits, stays and waits on command, has stopped drinking excessively but is still... messy. She is clean all night, but has the odd accident during the day. Lily loves people and other dogs, she isn't bothered about cats or livestock. She is learning to play nicely and is very affectionate with other dogs. Lily would be ok on her own if left for an hour or so but I would say no more, she can be left for longer if with a responsible older dog.Lily loves long walks, her recall is excellent, she still jumps up people but if you manage to prompt with a NO she doesnt do it. As all labs she loves water and mud and cess pits and more mud and some more water etc etc, you get my drift, she comes home a very dirty but very happy dog.If you live in an all white world, as in house, carpets, beds then they will not be happy with Lily, she likes to share her mud.
Lily will need an experienced home, people think labs are easy to train, which they are to a point but they can be very stubborn, so on going training is a must and Lily will only be homed to a home with the time and experience she needs.

Harvey - Available Now

Harvey is a young neutered male cavalier. He is a lively boy who likes his walks and lots of attention. He gets on well with most dogs and is good in and out of the house. He doesn't like to be left alone for very long periods. He is not tested with cats but has not shown any sign they would be a problem. He would we think be happiest in a home with at least one other dog for company. We would also prefer for him to be with children 8+ only.

Sandy - Available now

Sandy is our young cocker girl, approx 12 months. She is looking for a home with no cats and preferably no small children under about 7. She is fine with other dogs  and does like company but can try and be a bit dominant with them. She doesn't like to be left for very long so  she needs a home where someone is in most of the time. As a young cocker girl she also needs someone energetic who can take her for lots of long walk and give her the attention she requires.

Tula - Reserved

Tula is a 4 year old female cavalier. She is currently in a PDIN foster home and more details will be added once assessed.

SANDI - On a Home Trial

Sandi is a 2yr old female Staffie. She is lovable and friendly and craves affection. Sandi is proving to be a lovely girl in and out of the house. She is great with children and with other dogs. She will still pull on the lead a little but her foster home is working on this. She is fine to be left for short periods.

SHANE - Available Now

Shane is proving to be a lovely big gentle giant. He is great in the house and brilliant with other dogs. He walks well on the lead and loves to go out for long walks. He cannot be homed with cats or other small furries as he will chase them. Despite his size he is good with children. he is going to make some one a super pet.

Fly - Available Now

Fly is a young neutered  Collie cross boy with a very strong will, and will never be a couch potato, he is a very busy, very lively and bouncy playful boy, Fly does need lots of exercise as well as mental stimulation or he will get himself into trouble and does need to continue with his training, he gets along fine with other dogs and at the moment he is living with 2 other Collies without a problem, but if you let him get in another dogs face and they react he will react back. Fly is also living alongside 2 cats which he would pounce on but not in a harmful way has learnt this is not acceptable and now leaves them alone, He is fine with children but we will be looking for a home with no under fives due to his bouncy nature. There has been no food aggression towards other dogs but he will steal food if its left in his reach. Fly is clean in the house ,he will let you know when he needs to go out and has been left for approx 4.5hrs a day with no problems but he does have 2 other dogs for company, he sleeps on his own bed at night in bedroom with no problems.  Fly is an intelligent boy who will need an experienced home willing to continue his training, give him the exercise he needs (whatever the weather!) and keep his brain stimulated with maybe something like agility. If you think he is the dog for you please get in touch.

Dexter - On a home trail

Dexter is a young 10-12mths old neutered Male lurcher. He came to us in a awful state and has come a long way in just a few short weeks turning into a lovable playful pup who's slowly learning to trust again Dexter is fab with children,dogs and cats! We are looking for a extra special home for this young boy where he's have the company of at least one other dog and with people who will understand his fears and patiently help him work through them. Dexter needs a home where he won't get left alone for long periods of time

TWIGGY - On a home Trial

Twiggy is an 18 month old Collie girl. Don't be fooled by this picture she is a complete livewire who needs lots of exercise and stimulation. She is a bouncy friendly girl who craves lots of attention so would ideally be suited to a house where there is always someone around. She needs an energetic home who can do some work with her training, she is good on the lead now and a quick learner but still needs some work. She is fine with other dogs and would do well in a home where she has another dog for company. Whilst she is fine with children she is scared of very small ones so over 5s only please

Oscar - Reserved

Oscar is a 2/3 year old male shih Tzu. He is currently in one of our foster homes and more details will be added as available.

Dee - Available Now

Dee is a 10mth old Greyhound girl who failed in her trials to race (lucky girl) Dee came to us straight from the kennels and has settled in home life fine. She's a typical Greyhound in every way she's calm, gentle, loving and walks like a d...ream on the lead. Dee is fine with all dogs but not with cats, she can be homed with children but does need someone who doesn't work long hrs. This beautiful pup is going to make someone a wonderful pet she really is adorable in every way!

Winston - Available now

Winston is a beautiful one year old Bedlington/Whippet cross. He is a lovely boy and is happy to be around other dogs, children and cats. He is very affectionate and always wants to be a part of whatever his humans are up to, especially if it involves cuddles on the sofa! He does know some commands and is eager to learn more, but he’s not the brightest button in the tin so he will need a patient teacher. He is very obedient when he understands what you want. Winston is still a puppy and can get very excited and bouncy so no young children, although he has been fostered with a dog-savvy four year old. He loves to run but struggles with very long walks and (like other dogs of his type) he sometimes needs some TLC for his feet. He is learning to walk nicely on the lead and can manage this most of the time – he does still pull occasionally or stop dead if he is unsure of anything. His recall in the home, garden or safe area is good, although he may not hear his name being called if engaged in a good run. He is a tidy eater and has no problem eating around other dogs. He is a lurcher though, so will steal food left within reach. In common with other Bedlington crosses he doesn’t shed much hair (if any at all). Whilst he is very good at making muddy pawprints, in general he keeps himself very clean. He does love being brushed and bathed and will stand nicely to be washed. Winston would make a great dog for an older family or someone with plenty of time to spend having fun with him. He still has lots to learn so he needs someone who’s got the time to work with him and would not cope with being left alone for long periods. A home with an enclosed garden would be perfect for him as he likes to have lots of short runs throughout the day. He loves attention so an enthusiastic human or a second dog would make him very happy. Winston will make a great dog for the right person and is just waiting for them to come along.

COLE - Available now

Cole is a 5/6 mths old pup who came to us from the pound  in a very nervous state This boy has shown big improvements whilst in his foster home. He is clean in the house now and doing well on his lead although this does still need some working on. He is good with children but can be a bit grumpy with certain dogs however this is also getting much better as he is socialised more. He needs an experienced home where he is possibly the only dog and he isn't left for more than 2 or 3 hours. He cannot be homed with cats.

Shieba - Reserved

Shieba is a 6yr old spayed female Saluki cross who's looking for her forever home.
Shieba is a pleasant all round nice girl who loves attention, she walks like a dream on the lead and has a lovely placid nature, she is fine with other dogs but not too keen on dogs that are too full on round her. No cats or little furries for this girl as she has worked in the past.
Shieba is looking for a home where she'l get plenty of walks and company. 

Poppy - On a home trial

Poppy is a 5 month old Staffy girl. She is a lovely, friendly and well socialised girl who is great with other dogs and children. A typical puppy she can get a bit bouncy but soon listens when asked to clam down. She is a clever girl who is learning basic commands quickly and is starting to walk well on the lead. She loves to play and loves her cuddles and is going to make some lucky person a fantastic, loyal dog

Sandy - Reserved

Sandy is a 5 year old poodle girl. She is a timid girl and is looking for a special calm and patient home with at least one other dog. She is very loving and likes lots of cuddles and attention and now does enjoy going out for nice long walks. Due to her nervous nature we would prefer no children as loud noises do still scare her. She loves other dogs and is fine around cats