Pendle Dogs in Need

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Dogs for the Elderly 

As people get older new experiences occur which are not always welcome: loss of independence, moving to new surroundings, loss of a spouse, loss of friends, changes in physical health. These changes can create a time of increased loneliness, loss of interest in hobbies, and depression. Love is a perfect prescription for loneliness, and there is no better delivery device for love than a happy bundle of fur also known as a dog!

Although there are disadvantages to the elderly owning pets, the benefits far outweigh them. With careful planning, these concerns can be overcome. Senior citizens every day are living and breathing the benefits of the loving balls of fur that snuggle into their lives.

Never underestimate the power a dog can have over a senior citizen. A dog can easily raise the spirits and attitude of a senior, can get the person out walking in the sunshine and busy in the kitchen, happily cooking food she or he wouldn't have cooked had the dog not been there. Just the mere presence of the dog in the house is comforting, in that the house doesn’t seem so empty. “Someone else is in the room” which can be rewarding to a person all by herself.

Pendle Dogs in Need often get asked to help with older dogs whether it be due to a bereavement, people having to go into sheltered housing or Nursing/Residential homes or somehow these poor dogs have found themselves in the dog pound.

Elderly people who lose a dog often feel it would be wrong to get another dog so late in life and worry what would happen to their beloved friend should anything happen to them.

Pendle Dogs in Need want to help both the elderly people and these dogs by launching Dogs for the Elderly a service where we will offer full lifetime support to a elderly person adopting a dog from us.

They can contact us for help and support or even just a chat at any time and be safe in the knowledge that should they for whatever reason be unable to keep the dog the dog will come back to us where a loving new home will be found for him/her.

Please contact us either by message on here or by email to [email protected] if you would like know more about "Dogs for the Elderly" or if you think you could help by volunteering to help a elderly dog owner with walks,vets runs etc.

All the dog's below came to us from the dog pound and are now in happy loving homes. With dogs over a certain age or with known health problems Pendle Dogs in Need fund the costs of vets treatment for the remainder of the dogs life.