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“You can't buy love, but you can rescue it"

When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base.
All dogs have an adoption fee of £175 payable after a trial period 
To express an interest in any of our dogs please complete the enquiry form found under the fostering/adopting tab or if you previously had a home check by us email with an address and contact number . 
Please note we do not place our dogs in homes where there are un-neutered male dogs. 

Map of the approximate area we cover.

Foster/Forever Home Needed!!

This fantastic girl waited a long time for her forever home and we thought we had found it for her last year. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and due to a relationship break up she is again needing our help.
Lexi is a calm intelligent girl that loves her long walks along with a play in the river , if your an energetic outdoors type of person then look no further.....can you offer Lexi the home that she so deserves?
Lexi is a 4yr old staff x mastiff girl.
She's playful and intelligent and responds well to treats when training. She seems good around small children but because of her size and bounciness wouldn't be ideal to live with them.
She is super fit and loves long walks and playing ball games. She does like to chase things so no cats or small furries for her.
She settles in really quick and is clean around the house. She barks when people come to the door but this is not excessive, she is just protecting the most important thing to her, which is her humans. This girl will give so much affection to her new family and deserves the same in return so please find a place in your home for Lexi, she will make you laugh, and she will kick start your day with a smile.
Lexi is fine when meeting dogs around but she needs to be the only dog in her home. She is a large girl and can be a bit pully but walks well on a harness. She is fine to be left for a few hours.
If you think you could help her please either message us on here or email us at

Foster home secured - under assessment

Pedro is a 19 month Brittany Spaniel who was brought into the country by another rescue but unfortunately Pedro has some resource guarding issues and has nipped a child in his current home and the rescue have advised he is put to sleep.

We don't agree and neither do his current family who love this lovely boy and understand his issues but sadly due to them he now needs a child free home.

Resource Guarding is something a lot of dogs do and it varies in severity Pedro's is not bad its mainly around his food and we confident its workable and manageable but due to this we are looking for a certain type of home for him.

No children under 12
A home where his high energy levels can be met.
A home that can keep his brain busy and focused.
A home that understands the needs of a working breed of dog
A home were he has lots of time spent with him and where he won't get left alone for long hours everyday.

Pedro can live with other dogs and cat savvy cats.

If you think you could offer Pedro the perfect home please FULLY read all the information on our website and fill the online form in. If you are already home checked please contact us with your interest to

Available Now!

Jimmy is a 4 year old male patterdale. He came to PDIN as a pup but has sadly found himself back with us. He is a typical bouncy and busy boy who needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He has proved to be a loving boy, clean and well behaved in the house and fine to be left a few hours with no problems. He can be very vocal at times (typical patterdale). He loves his walks and has been fine walking around other dogs, occasionally gets excitable but nothing much. He would ideally like to be an only dog but could live with another dog with careful introductions. Jimmy isn't keen on cats and won't be rehomed with children under 10. If you think you can offer this lovely lad the perfect home please get in touch. 

Available now

Lady Gaga is a 7 year old female Yorkshire terrier. She is an active girl who loves her walks and is looking for an energetic home. She adores children and has previous lived with very young ones and her ideal home would have resident or visiting little people. She is fine with other dogs but could happily be an only dog. She shows no reactions to cats. Lady Gaga needs a home where she gets lots of love and attention and she isn't left alone for long hours.

Does she sound like the dog for you? 

Please fully read the information on our website about how we work then get in touch,

Available Now!

Yogi is a 11 month old Pomeranian who due to his puppy farm start to life has some problems and sadly at the moment is in kennels.

Yogi is looking for a experienced and understanding foster home who can work with us to turn this little boys life around.

Yogi is a affectionate lovable little lad who is crate trained, clean and non destructive in the home, fine with other dogs but can not be placed in a home with children of any age.

If you think you could offer Yogi the perfect home please FULLY read all the information on our website and fill the online form in. If you are already home checked please contact us with your interest to

Available Now!

Sally is a lively 10 year old Jack Russell, she's only a tiny girl but comes complete with lots of character.
Sally came to us from the stray dog pounds in a very emaciated state she had not been looked after for a very long time. Sally would be fine with children over 8 she's a little worried around very young ones, no cats or small furries, Sally has prey drive and would chase. She could live with another dog but would be better with a male (she can be a bossy little Princess at times).
Does Sally sound like the dog for you? Please fully read the information on our website about how we work then get in touch,

Available Now!

This handsome little man is Milo.

Milo is a 6 year old neutered male Chihuahua who is looking for a home with lots of company and walks, Milo is fine with other dogs and cats but can not be homed with very young children.
Milo is a lovely affectionate little boy, who is clean in the house, he can be left for a few hours but wouldnt enjoy a home where he was left alone every day. He would make an ideal companion for an older person or couple but would be equally happy in a family home.
If you can offer this charming little character the perfect home he deserves then please get in touch.

Available now!

Patsy is another cracking girl who keeps getting overlooked and has waited far too long for her forever home. She is a young neutered cross breed. She is described as being perfect in the house, clean, non destructive and fine to be left a few hours. Her foster home have worked hard with her and she is doing brilliantly on her lead and loves a good run and play in the garden or on her long lead. She loves people and is an affectionate girl with humans young and old. Due to her bouncy nature she would be best placed with children 8+. She would prefer to be an only dog and not share her humans and cant live with cats. Her one fault is she can be quite vocal when she meets other dogs out and about (typical terrier type!). However this is currently being worked on with her foster and a dog trainer and is improving all the time. She isn't a perfect dog (is there even such a thing??) but if you think she could be your perfect dog and you are willing to spend time getting to know her and working with her then please get in touch.


Ralphie is a 14 month old Lhasa Apso. He has been neutered. So far he is proving to be a lovely boy, clean in the house and good on his walks. He is a cheeky character and pretty energetic. 

More details will follow as we have them 


Woody is a 5 month old male patterdale x jrt.

Fine with other dogs and children.

More details to follow


Sandy is a 7 month old Lurcher girl and is very striking in her appearance. She is a lovely sweet natured girl who just wants to be with you all the time, (even to the toilet 😂). She’s good with other dogs and fine with cats but will chase them if they decide to run. She does pull slightly on the lead but that’s usually when another person or dog walks by that she wants to meet. She will counter surf given the chance (typical lurcher). She will make a great companion with another resident dog or on her own providing the human doesn’t go out too long. She won't cope well with being left home alone all day. Due to her size and bouncy nature we wouldn't place her in homes with young children. Sandy is now ready for her forever home xx 🐶 Anyone offering her a home needs to understand she is a young girl and isn't the finished product. She is bright and a quick learner but is still work in progress and her home will need to be committed to continuing her training. If you feel like you can offer her the time and patience she needs please get in touch.

Charlie(was Chico)
Available Now!

Charlie has lost all his excess weight and is now ready for his forever home. He is a neutered male Chihuahua who will be 4 in July. He can be a little nervous around people and dogs he doesn't know and needs to be given time to get used to both. Once he gets to know you though he can be playful and loving. He loves to be stroked and does enjoy cuddles when he chooses to. He isnt keen on being picked up and has been known to have a little grumble but there is nothing in it. He is looking for a home where he is the only dog or with a quiet dog. He can't be homed with young children but is fine with cats. He loves his walkies and is good on and off the lead. he is good in the house and is fine to be left a few hours. If you think you can offer him a perfect home please get in touch.


Chloe is a wonderful 16 week old Jack Russell x Staffie puppy, looking for a new home for no fault of her own.

She is a very bright puppy, who needs a home that will challenge and stimulate her. She would be perfect for dog sports (such as agility or flyball) as she is fast and focused and will work for both toys and treats. She responds very very well to kindness and positive training.

This is a dog who wants to be on the go all day... She is not a couch potato and will not suit someone who leaves her to her own devices, as she's clever enough to quickly get into trouble!

She is clean and quiet overnight in a crate (7-8 hours) and travels perfectly in a crate in the car.

She can be yappy when she wants to play with or greet a dog, so a future owner must understand how to handle this. She is also at the mouthy & nippy puppy stage, but responding well if you squeak and disengage from her when she's overstimulated.

She is good with dogs of various ages and sizes, sociable but not pushy. She hasn't been tested with cats. She's very friendly towards all people she has met while in foster, including children.

We are looking for a home that will "work" this pup in some way and make use of that switched in on brain. As with all of our pups, a condition of her adoption will be that she attends suitable training classes.

If you think you could offer Chloe the perfect home please FULLY read all the information on our website and fill the online form in. If you are already home checked please contact us with your interest to

Available Now!

Toby is an 11 month old, recently neutered, male Jack Russell Terrier. He is a lovely boy who gets on great with other dogs (and has lived with cats in his previous home) He loves people and is very good around children of all ages. He is a very friendly boy and loves being fussed and stroked. He is bright and learns quickly. He loves his walkies and playing with his toys but also loves his downtime and he is quiet and calm in the house. He is looking for an energetic and lively family home, preferably with another dog for company. He s fine to be left for a few could go to a working home but only if provision is made to break up his day in some way. If you think you can offer this handsome boy his perfect forever home then please inbox or email (we cant take phone enquiries to adopt a dog sorry) You will need to have a homecheck and the form and all our details including rehoming criteria and area can be found on our website. Priority will go to any of the homes on our waiting list who express an interest and meet all his needs.


Betsie is a 7 month old Lhasa Apso girl. She is quite shy when you first meet her but soon comes out of her shell. Loves the company of other dogs and its unlikely she will thrive as an only dog. Fine with children and good in and out of the house.

More details will follow as we have them

Under Assessment

Danny is a 3 year old Russian Toy Terrier male (currently still entire). 

He is a quiet boy and can be a little nervous when meeting strange people but soon gets over it. He loves his cuddles and a knee to snooze on. He is fine with other dogs both in the house and out on walks. He gets very excited when he sees his lead but does get tired easily so plenty of shorter walks for his boy. He is clean and no trouble around the house and good in the car.

More Details to follow soon.