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“You can't buy love, but you can rescue it"

When looking at our dogs can people please be aware of our rehoming area which is Burnley and Pendle. We go as far as Barnoldswick in one direction and Parts of Blackburn in the other but do not go out of these areas. This is rescue policy and is not open to negotiation. We require a home check before you can meet any of  our dogs who are all in foster homes in the area, we do not operate from a kennel base.
All dogs have an adoption fee of £175 payable after a trial period 
To express an interest in any of our dogs please complete the enquiry form found under the fostering/adopting tab or if you previously had a home check by us email with an address and contact number . 
Please note we do not place our dogs in homes where there are un-neutered male dogs. 

Map of the approximate area we cover.

Needs a foster home NOW!!!

Jimmy is a 4 year old male patterdale. He came to PDIN as a pup but has sadly found himself back with us and is currently in kennels and looking for a terrier experienced foster home to offer him a chance. He is a typical bouncy and busy boy who needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He can be very vocal at times and gets quite loud and excitable when meeting other dogs out and about. He needs a foster home with no other dogs till we can get to know him again and no small people or cats. We realise this is a big ask but he is just a typical patterdale terrier who needs some routine and guidance in his life.


This poor lad is still in kennels :-( We have further tested him with dogs and he's actually testing as fine he's just all mouth when on his lead 😂

Jimmy is a tiny boy who just needs a home that understand the mind of a young terrier.

We are looking for a cat free and child over 10 foster or forever home for Jimmy, if you have a resident dog you must be able to bring them to the kennels for introductions.

Can anyone PLEASE help our little man?

Scrappy  - Now has a home for life :) 

Scrappy has come into our care due to his owners failing health and is now looking for a retirement home that comes with his own Butler/Maid or both. Scrappy has been to see our vets and had a couple of tests to see how he is and for his age this old boy is in fantastic health.

Scrappy is looking for a special sort of home, he's used to the pampered life and would not settle for less! He likes his meals on time and if late you will get seriously told off. He needs someone who won't mind his demands to share any biscuits with him. When Scrappy needs to go he needs to go now or puddles will be left so would not suit a home that left him alone more that a couple of hours, he loves his walks and will need a couple of nice wanders a day. Scrappy can be homed with other dogs but would not suit a home with very young children or cats.

A adorable boy who gives lovely snuggles but who is set in his ways and has no intention of changing things at his age and we don't expect him to :-)(Scrappy is not a tiny boy he is small spaniel sized)

Vet costs for Scrappy will be covered to us for the rest of his life.
To offer Scrappy a loving understanding home please fully read the information on our website and fill the online form in to arrange a homecheck. 
If already home checked please email us at

Please note we do not take dog enquiries over the phone or monitor comments on our posts.


Available Now!

Hattie came into us due to having some behavioural problems not helped at all due to her poor start in life but in the right hands Hattie has learnt so much and improved lots.

Hattie is a very clever active girl who needs a home that fully understand her needs and will not let her push boundaries she's very food orientated and would do well at agility or obedience. She would not suit a home that worked and left her alone for hours every day.

Hattie will not be placed in a home with children or cats but could possibly live with another dog.

Hattie is just 14 months old and so eager to learn.

Hattie is coming on so well in her foster home and improving every day. She has been out on loads of group walks and is proving to be a real social butterfly. We cant believe she still hasn't found her perfect home yet.

Available Now!

Yogi is a 9 month old neutered male Pomeranian. We stepped up to help this young pup when he was at risk of being put to sleep for having aggression issues. We are not sure whats happened to the young boy but he has a fear of anything being placed around his neck and that is the only time this little lad shows aggression. Yogi is a affectionate pup who bonds very closely to his people, he is fab with all other dogs, can be placed with cats but due to his fear he can not be placed with children.

We are looking for a understanding and experienced home who can give Yogi the time and patience he needs to get over his fears. Yogi is currently walked on a slip lead which he is fine on.

This little man hasn't had the best start in life he was purchased from Dogs 4 Us a place that sells puppy farmed babies we feel his fear of anything near his neck stems from being rough treated as a baby, Yogi also has luxating patella's another common problem found in puppy farmed ill bred babies.

A little damaged baby boy who needs a understanding loving home who will understand his fears and work alongside us to make things better for him.

Available Now!

Milo is a 6 year old neutered male Chihuahua who is looking for a home with lots of company and walks, Milo is fine with other dogs and cats but can not be homed with children under 10yrs.

Milo is a lovely affectionate little boy, who is clean in the house, he can be left for a few hours but wouldnt enjoy a home where he was left alone every day.

Available now!

Jamie is a 5 year old neutered male Lurcher. He originally came to us from the stray pound in 2014 and was found a lovely home. His dad fell ill before Christmas and Jamie went into one of our lovely foster homes till his dad felt better. Sadly that wasn't to be and a few weeks back his dad passed away :(  Jamie is now looking for a new home to love him as much as his dad did. He is a lovely gentle boy. He is great in the house and walks nicely on the lead. He likes the company of other dogs but can be rehomed happily as an only dog with lots of human attention. He likes children but probably best with slightly older ones. He cannot be rehomed with cats or any small furies. He loves a good run round at the dog days secure field but the fosters feel he might not be good off lead, particularly in the countryside where he would be off if he spotted a rabbit. He loves to play ball and loves to curl up on the sofa with you and have a snooze (typical lurcher).
If you feel you can offer him the perfect loving home for life he is looking for please get in touch by emailing

If you haven't had a homecheck please complete the form under the foster/adopt tab.

Under Assessment

Chico is a 4 year old male Chihuahua. He is proving to be a lovely boy so far. He is currently under assessment....more details to follow soon.


Available Now!

The lovely Barney is a 6 year old neutered male Shih Tzu. He came to us due to his mum falling ill and not being able to look after him. His foster describes him as the perfect dog. He is clean and well behaved in the house, good on his lead and loves his walkies. He is fine around other dogs but would be very happy as an only dog. His ideal home would be with an active older person or couple with lots of time and attention to give to him. He loves to sit on a lap and give kisses but is by no means a lapdog, he is an energetic chap. He is no problem with children but would prefer a home with no young ones about. He is fine with cats.
If you think you can offer him his perfect home then you will need a homecheck. Please read all the information on the website and fill out the enquiry form so we can arrange that for you. If you have already had a homecheck and are on our waiting list please email your interest.








Available now!

Sally is a lively 10 year old Jack Russel, she's only a tiny girl but comes complete with lots of character

Sally came to us from the stray dog pounds in a very emaciated state she had not been looked after for a very long time. Sally would be fine with children over 8 she's a little worried around very young ones, no cats or small furries Sally has prey drive and would chase. She could live with another dog but would be better with a male (she can be a bossy little Princess at times).

Does Sally sound like the dog for you? Please fully read the information on our website about how we work then get in touch,

Available now!

Patsy is a young neutered crossbreed girl (probably Patterdale x Staff). She is looking for her forever home now. She needs a dog experienced home where she is the only dog. She loves people and is lovely with children but due to be young and bouncy when greeting people children in the home should be 8+. She is fine to be left for 2 or 3 hours and is not destructive at all in the house but does have a habit of jumping on the windowsill when alone if she can. 
She is good on the lead and loves walks but is often edgy when she meets other dogs on her lead. Her foster have been working on this with her and its improving all the time but her new home will need to continue helping her socialise successfully with other dogs.
She can't be rehomed with cats. If you think you can offer her the perfect home please inbox or email

Under Assessment

Milly is a 3 year old jrt girl. She is a delightful girl, good with other dogs, has lived with cats and is fantastic with children of all ages. She is clean in the house, loves walkies and toys. More details will follow soon

Under Assessment

Nipper is a 7 year old jack Russell boy. He is a fantastic boy, great with other dogs, has lived with cats and fine with children of all ages. More details will follow soon.