Pendle Dogs in Need

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Registered Charity No 1155298

Pendle Dogs in Need was set up to help dogs in the Pendle area (and surrounding areas) secure loving homes for life. We help the dogs in this area and are committed to keeping the dogs in this area. Our dogs are only rehomed within the Burnley and Pendle area, (including Rossendale and Skipton.)

We only use foster homes for our dogs so that they can be assessed in a home environment by our experienced team of foster carers. All foster homes and adoptive homes will be carefully home checked and dogs will be matched to the foster carers based on suitability.  We don't have a kennels where you can meet lots of dogs and we usually home check for suitability before a meeting with a dog takes place. We don't have set criteria, every home and every dog have different needs and we try to match them up.

We offer full lifetime support to any dogs that come into our rescue and are always here to help and advise even after adoption has taken place.

Pendle Dogs in need relies totally on donations and fundraising to help these poor dogs. If you think you could help in any way please click here.

We could not do this valuable work with out the help of our Foster homes and Volunteers, could you become part of Team PDiN? get in touch at 


We urgently need dog/cat/child free short term foster homes.

We desperately need dog and child free foster homes, so we can assess and treat these dogs and move them into forever homes. We have some fantastic homes waiting for dogs but, unless we have the foster homes to assess these dogs, we can't get them out and they are at real risk of being put to sleep in the pound. 

PDiN cover all costs for short term assessment homes. All these poor dogs need is a safe space for a couple of weeks while they find their feet and get veterinary care.

Please think about helping a Poundie. They need you!

Did you know that over 126,000 dogs are  picked up by Local Authorities across the UK each year? 

Over 30,000 homeless dogs are sent to 'rescue' every year to be rehomed and over 7,000 of them are euthanised by Local Authorities for want of a home.

These results indicate that 20 dogs are put to sleep somewhere in the UK each day, nearly one dog an hour! 

The 15th annual Stray Dog Survey, conducted by GfK NOP on behalf of Dogs Trust, also revealed a large number of dogs were rejected by their owners who refused to claim them once found and identified by local dog wardens. This new trend is worrying as it appears some dog owners no longer view their pet as a valued family member or have not considered the true cost and responsibility involved with owning a dog.

Despite this year’s shocking Stray Dog Survey results, the general public seem unaware of the real state of the nation’s dogs with a recent  survey* revealing that nearly all - over 94% - of the public either underestimated or had no idea how many stray dogs there are in the UK. Over 56% of those questioned also did not know how many dogs are put to sleep each year because they cannot be rehomed.

Please help us spread the word about the plight of these beautiful dogs. 

Don't let them die for want of being loved.

They deserve so much more!

Foster! Adopt! Volunteer!

Together we can make a difference!!!

All the above dogs have been saved from the local pounds and are now much loved family pets. When a dog gets taken to a dog pound, it has 7 days to be reclaimed or rehomed. If the pound doesn't manage to secure a home or a rescue doesn't step in to help, that dog is living on borrowed time.

Please make space in your home for a poundie. They don't deserve to die due to lack of space but thousands of beautiful dogs do every year in this country!

Stray, Lost or Found Dogs....Click here!


Saturday the 25th of July we will be at the Barnoldswick Gala Street Fair 4pm - 8pm

Sunday 26th of July  We will be at Morrisons Summer Fair in Nelson 10am- 2pm

We are looking for new members to join our fundraising team and help at events like these. If you can spare a few hours to help organise and run fundraising events please get in touch.

We can also be contacted at THE PDIN HUB
Burnley  Road 
Opening Times
Mon - 10.00 to 12.30
Tues - 6.00 to 8.00
Weds - 1.00 to .400
Sat - 1.00 to 4.00 

(dogs must be over 12wks of age and none aggressive)

To enquire about any of our dogs please email 

Check our Facebook auction site out!!!